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RESERATOR XT Black Water Cooling System with ZM-WB5+
RESERATOR XT Titanium Water Cooling System (w/WB5+)
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Zalman Reserator XT Water Cooling System Ultra

All new Reserator XT systems sold by Quiet PC since 8th April 2009 have been supplied with Zalman’s new ZM-WB5 Plus CPU waterblock, which means they are Intel LGA1366 (Core i7) compatible.

Back in 2004, Zalman released the immensely popular Reserator1: the large torpedo-shaped fanless water cooling kit. 2006 saw the release of the Reserator 2 which built on the success of the Reserator1. Zalman have now released the third product to boast the Reserator name, the Reserator XT!

Just like its predecessors, the Reserator XT has been designed to be extremely quiet. Although not fanless, the Reserator XT offers increased performance to allow it to cool the very latest CPUs from Intel and AMD. Processors running in excess of 150W pose no problem for the cooling abilities of the Reserator XT.

The look of the Reserator XT has radically changed compared with the Reserator 1 and 2. The torpedo and radiator looks have been replaced with a more streamlined compact feel. The dials and buttons at the front of the unit give it an look of classic elegance, and the whole outer case of the Reserator XT is manufactured from pure anodised aluminium.

The Reserator XT’s integrated 140mm fan can be controlled in one of two ways. The first option is fully automatic control, where the flow rate of the coolant and the Reserator’s fan speed increases depending on the temperature of the coolant. This is ideal if you are a keen gamer or like to overclock your system. It gives peace of mind that when things warm up, extra cooling will be provided.

The second option is to control the unit’s cooling manually. This option is best for customers who require minimum noise. The flow rate and the fan speed can be lowered so that the unit runs extremely quietly. Another possibility for the manual control method is for customers who require maximum cooling at all times.

RESERATOR XT Contents and Features

The RESERATOR XT - CPU Waterblock, the ZM-WB5 Plus

The ZM-WB5 Plus is Zalman’s latest and best-yet CPU water block. It incorporates a pure copper base for excellent heat transfer, and the cover has been anodised to prevent corrosion. The ZM-WB5 Plus supports Intel Socket 1366 and 775 and AMD Socket 754/939/940/AM2/AM2+/AM3 CPUs, and is designed to be lightweight and easy to install.

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The RESERATOR XT - Anti-corrosion coolant, ZM-G300

The anti-corrosion coolant supplied with the Reserator XT has been designed to prevent corrosion not only to the Reserator but also other materials it comes into contact with, such as copper, aluminium and plastic. This provides peace of mind for long-term operation. It is to be used in conjunction with distilled water only! The coolant provided with the Reserator XT is the ZM-G300. This is exactly the same as the ZM-G200 except the bottle contains only half the amount, because the Reserator XT has a smaller radiator capacity.

The RESERATOR XT - Temperature gauge

This gauge displays the internal temperature, water temperature, water level, and mode. The black background and wine colour details intensify the Reserator XT’s striking aesthetics.

The RESERATOR XT - Flow rate indicator

At either side of the temperature gauge is an analogue display. The left display shows fan speed while the right displays coolant flow rate.

The RESERATOR XT - control buttons

These buttons allow the user to switch between automatic or manual control. This provides the greatest flexibility. There is also a power LED and reset button.

The RESERATOR XT - Flow indicator

The flow indicator in the Reserator XT has been incorporated into the main body of the Reserator and has been designed as a safety mechanism which ensures an adequate circulation of water at all times. If the flow indicator impellers stop for any reason then an audible alarm will sound, indicating a possible problem with the pump.

The RESERATOR XT - Quick release couplings

The quick release couplings were first seen on the Reserator1-PLUS and because of the convenience they offer, have remained an essential component for all Reserator designs since then. They allow you to disconnect the tubing from the Reserator body without any leaks, making it easy to transport the system short distances without needing to drain it.

RESERATOR XT Optional Extras (to be purchased separately)


The ZM-GWB8800 blocks (designed for nVidia 8800 series graphics cards) cleverly cool not only the main GPU but also the other components around the graphics card, such as the memory, FET and I/O chipset. The blocks are very low profile (only 31 mm high) and so won’t obstruct adjacent slots. They are also fully compatible with SLI systems.

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Zalman’s ZM-GWB3 graphics water block is lightweight due to it being manufactured from pure aluminium. This high performance VGA cooler is anodised and coated to prevent corrosion. It is compatible with all graphics cards which have push-pin holes around the GPU; even nVidia’s 7900 and ATI’s X1950 series! It is also compatible with the 7950GT, but not the nVidia 7950GX2 or the 8800 series.

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Zalman’s ZM-RWB1 (RAM water block) is designed to work in conjunction with the ZM-GWB3 and allows the system to cool even the graphics card’s RAM chips! The water block only supports nVidia 7800/7900 and ATI’s X1800/X1900 series graphics cards. For all other graphics cards, we recommend using ZM-RHS1 RAM heatsinks instead.

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This anodised aluminium Northbridge water block is an ideal replacement for a Northbridge cooler that has a small noisy fan installed. The block attaches to the motherboard by using push-pin holes or hooks.

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  1. High performance ultra quiet water cooling system
  2. Active/passive hybrid cooling design
  3. Automatic/manual fan speed control modes
  4. Coolant flow & low-level warning alarms
  5. Automatic on/off when PC is switched on/off


  • bit-tech

    We have awesome looks and style and it does what you’d expect from a Zalman in terms of being extremely quiet with an appreciable performance.

  • Custom PC magazine

    The third Reserator is technically the best yet, mainly because Zalman has caved in and used a fan.

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SpecificationsReserator XT BlackReserator XT Titan'm
Weight7kg 7kg
Dimensions350(L) x 180(W) x 210(H) mm 350(L) x 180(W) x 210(H) mm
MaterialAnodised Pure Aluminium Anodised Pure Aluminium
Coolant CapacityMax. 1.25L Max. 1.25L
Integrated Water Pump6W, 12VDC, Qmax 300 litres/h 6W, 12VDC, Qmax 300 litres/h
Maximum Lift1.8m 1.8m
Warranty24 months 24 months
SpecificationsReserator XT BlackReserator XT Titan'm
Dimensions350(L) x 180(W) x 210(H) mm
MaterialAnodised Pure Aluminium
Coolant CapacityMax. 1.25L
Integrated Water Pump6W, 12VDC, Qmax 300 litres/h
Maximum Lift1.8m
Warranty24 months

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