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ZM-GWB8800 ULTRA/GTX VGA Water Block
ZM-GWB8800 GTS VGA Water Block
ZM-GWB8800-GT/GTS (G92) NVIDIA VGA Water Block

Zalman ZM-GWB8800 Water Blocks

Without doubt, nVidia's 8800 series graphics cards offer performance in a league of their own! Unfortunately, a problem can arise when you need to cool them safely and quietly. Factory pre-installed coolers work fine but they don't give the world's best cooling performance, and they can often produce a lot of noise!

Now, if you have a watercooling system such as a Zalman Reserator, you can extend its benefit to provide cooling for your 8800 graphics card too! Zalman have launched two long-awaited water blocks specifically for the job, and you can choose between them depending upon whether you have a GTS or an Ultra/GTX version of the GeForce 8800.

The ZM-GWB8800 blocks cleverly cool not only the main GPU but also the other components around the graphics card, such as the memory, FET and I/O chipset. The blocks are very low profile (only 31mm high) and so won't take up any further slots. They are fully compatible with SLI systems and can accommodate a variety of pipe sizes as you can see from the specification table below. Remember we also sell extra piping in any length, should you require it.

PLEASE NOTE: The ZM-GWB8800 GTS is only compatible with 8800 GTS 320MB and 640MB cards. The new 512MB version is not supported.


  1. Compatible with all Zalman Reserator cooling systems
  2. Also cools ancillary VGA components, i.e. RAM, FET and I/O chipset
  3. Anodised aluminium base for excellent heat transfer and anti-corrosion
  4. Dimple-type processing technology for best cooling and minimal weight
  5. Allows silent water cooling of GeForce 8800GTS 320 and 640MB series graphics cards *
  6. Allows silent water cooling of GeForce 8800 series graphics cards †
  7. Allows silent water cooling of GeForce 8800 GT/GTS (G92) series graphics cards ‡
  • *ZM-GWB8800 GTS only
  • ZM-GWB8800 ULTRA/GTX only
  • ZM-GWB8800-GT/GTS only

SpecificationsZM-GWB8800 GTSZM-GWB8800 ULTRA/GTXZM-GWB8800-GT/GTS
ColourTitanium Black
Compatible CardsnVidia 8800 GTS, 320 and 640MB only nVidia 8800 GTX and Ultra only nVidia GeForce 8800 GT/GTS (G92)
Dimensions, mm (W x L x H)93 x 183 x 31
Weight 420g 350g
MaterialAnodised aluminium with brass fittings
Compatible tubing, mm (outer x inner) 13 x 9, 12 x 8, 11 x 8, 10 x 8
Thermal interfaceHigh performance thermal pads (supplied)
EAN barcode8809213760105 8809213760112 8809213760648
Warranty- 24 months

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