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RESERATOR2 Fanless Water Cooling System

Zalman RESERATOR2 Fanless Water Cooling System

Ever since the RESERATOR1 was first released, people have naturally assumed that there would be a second version of this extremely popular water cooler. Well, after nearly three years since the release of the original product, we are pleased to announce the RESERATOR2.

Since the release of the original RESERATOR1, newer processors and graphics cards have continued to generate more and more heat - so much so that the RESERATOR1 has undergone two face-lifts. Replacing the water blocks will help make the RESERATOR1 more efficient but for it to remain fanless, a new approach was needed, i.e. the RESERATOR2.

The system of water flow in the RESERATOR2 is totally different to the design of water flow in the RESERATOR1. Water has to travel much further in the RESERATOR2 which gives it more opportunity to cool down before it re-enters the system. This means that the RESERATOR2 can remain fanless and yet still cool any processor on the market.


  1. Supplied with CPU water block (ZM-WB4 GOLD)
  2. Supplied with VGA water block (ZM-GWB3)
  3. Supplied with anti-corrosion coolant (ZM-G300)
  4. Supplied with quick release couplings and clear tubing
  5. Northbridge waterblock available separately (ZM-NWB1)
  6. Built-in flow indicator with sensor alarm



As you can see from the images, the RESERATOR2 looks nothing like the original RESERATOR. Gone is the long cylindrical "rocket launcher" reservoir. In its place is a more normal looking piece of computer hardware! Some people may think this is a good thing, but others like the fact that the original RESERATOR stood out.

CPU Water Block, ZM-WB4 GOLD

The CPU water block is made from pure copper for excellent heat transfer and has been gold plated to prevent corrosion. It supports Intel CPUs (socket 478 and 775) and AMD's Athlon 64 (socket 754, 940 and 939). Optional ZM-OC2 gives AM2 compatibility.

VGA Water Block, ZM-GWB3

Zalman's new VGA water block is lightweight due to it being manufactured from pure aluminium. This high performance VGA cooler is anodised and coated to prevent corrosion. The VGA water block is compatible with all graphics cards that have push-pin holes around the GPU, even nVidia's 7900 and ATI's X1950 series! It is also compatible with the 7950GT, but not the nVidia 7950GX2.

Anti-Corrosion Coolant

The Anti-Corrosion Coolant supplied with the RESERATOR2 has been designed to prevent corrosion not only to the RESERATOR but also other materials it comes into contact with, such as copper, aluminium and plastic. This provides peace of mind for long-term operation. It is to be used in conjunction with distilled water only! The coolant provided with the RESERATOR2 is the ZM-G300. This is exactly the same as the ZM-G200 except the bottle contains only half the amount, because the RESERATOR2 has a smaller radiator capacity than the RESERATOR1 series.

Quick Release Couplings

Another great feature is the Quick Release Couplings. The fittings incorporate valves that prevent leaks when disconnecting the tubing. This provides a quick-release mechanism allowing the user to move the PC and RESERATOR more easily.

New PCI Bracket

Another feature worth mentioning is the new PCI bracket that is supplied with the RESERATOR2. Instead of the bolts used on the original RESERATOR1, the new version allows you to pass the pipes through the specially designed PCI bracket and then into the RESERATOR using the Quick Release feature. This makes moving and replacing the liquid much easier.

Flow Indicator

The flow indicator in the RESERATOR2 has been incorporated into the main body of the RESERATOR and has been designed to check the circulation of water. If the flow indicator impellers stop for any reason then an audible alarm will sound, indicating a possible problem with the pump.

RESERATOR2 Optional Extras (to be purchased separately)

Northbridge Water Block

The anodised aluminium Northbridge water block is ideal replacement for a Northbridge cooler that has a small noisy fan installed. The block attaches to the motherboard by using push-pin holes or hooks. See the ZM-NWB1 product page for more information.

VGA RAM Water Block

Also available an optional extra is Zalman's new VGA RAM water block. This product is designed to work in conjunction with the ZM-GWB3 and allows the system to cool even the graphics cards RAM chips! The water block only supports nVidia 7800/7900 and ATI's X1800/X1900 series graphics cards. For all other graphics cards, we recommend using ZM-RHS1 RAM heatsinks instead.

Dissipation Area1.5m2
Dimensions76(L) x 436(W) x 369(H) mm
MaterialAnodised Pure Aluminium
Coolant CapacityMax. 1.25L
Integrated Water Pump5 W, Qmax 300 litres/h
Maximum Lift0.5m
Electrical specification 220V~230V, 50Hz/60Hz, UK/Ireland plug

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