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HDMI to Mini-HDMI 3m Cable $8.36
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HDMI to Mini-HDMI Monitor/TV Cables (Type A to Type C)

Useful for connecting your TV or monitor to a device which has a Mini-HDMI socket rather than a conventional full size HDMI port.


  1. High quality HDMI to Mini-HDMI cable (Type A to Type C)
  2. Gold plated contacts for increased conductivity
  3. Fully moulded connectors for maximum reliability
  4. Conforms to HDMI version 1.3 standard
  5. Perfect for Intel NUC monitor/TV connection

HDMI has become a ubiquitous video connection standard in recent years and although its connector is relatively compact, some equipment manufacturers are now using a smaller style “Mini-HDMI” socket on their devices in order to save space. Mini-HDMI is electrically compatible with HDMI, the only difference being the size of the connector. Mini-HDMI is commonly used on small devices such as video camcorders and ultra compact form factor computers such as Intel’s 4th Generation NUC.

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“Excellent convection cooled 4K solution”

“Where I work they make military grade electronics and enclosures, and the mechanical/cooling guys were very impressed with the convection cooled design of the Quiet PC. It also looks very stylish.

The 4K output has been excellent, although I don’t think that it will be up to game playing.

I have a 4.2GHz i7 and it can transcode in Handbrake at 60+fps without the case becoming any warmer.

Silence is golden!”

(Review via Trustpilot)