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Accelero Xtreme GTX Pro VGA Cooler
(6 reviews)

Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme GTX Pro VGA Cooler

- Replaces the Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme GTX280 for nVIDIA GTX200 series

As an upgraded version of the acclaimed Accelero XTREME GTX 280, Arctic Cooling's Accelero XTREME GTX Pro is a multi-compatible cooler for nVIDIA GTX series.

Ultimate Cooling Weapon for Enthusiast-Grade Graphic Cards

As an upgraded version of acclaimed Accelero XTREME GTX 280, the Accelero XTREME GTX Pro is a multi-compatible cooler for nVIDIA GTX series. This 3-fan cooling solution is also equipped with 5 heatpipes and an optimised heatsink to provide exceptional temperature reduction performance. Together with ARCTIC COOLING patented acoustic design, the Accelero XTREME GTX Pro is an ideal cooler for enthusiasts to boost overclock potential.


  1. Unmatched cooling performance - 250 Watts
  2. Three ultra quiet 92mm PWM fans with low noise impeller
  3. Five heatpipes and 83 fins for efficient heat dissipation
  4. Patented fan holder eliminates the buzzing sounds
  5. RAM and voltage regulator cooling
  6. Pre-applied ARCTIC MX-2
  7. SLI compatible
  8. Compatibility nVIDIA GeForce GTX 285, 280, 275, 260(+)

Unparalleled cooling for nVIDIA GTX series

The Accelero XTREME GTX Pro delivers even more outstanding heat dissipation performance than the previous Accelero XTREME GTX 280. The five heatpipes and the copper base are soldered precisely together with a layer of the non-curing thermal compound ARCTIC MX-2 on top. The slim heatsink and three 92mm-PWM-fan design optimise the cooling capacity of the Accelero XTREME GTX Pro to 250 watts. Equipped with these advanced thermal management features, instant and efficient heat transfer performance from this exceptional cooler is guaranteed.

Just like other ARCTIC COOLING products, the Accelero XTREME GTX Pro is designed with award-winning acoustic engineering. The low noise impeller and the patented fan holder lower the noise level from rotation, resulting in extremely quiet operation at full fan speed only 0.5 sone at 2,000 rpm.

One cooler fits all

In order to give end-users a hassle-free, all-in-one solution, the Accelero XTREME GTX Pro is packaged with various types of RAM and voltage regulator heatsinks to fit different GTX models. Installation is fairly simple and within a few steps, users can enjoy the cool and quietness brought by the Accelero XTREME GTX Pro!

SpecificationsXtreme GTX Pro
CompatibilitynVIDIA GeForce GTX 285, 280, 275, 260(+) up to 250 Watts
Dimensions290 L x 104 W x 56 H mm
Fan92mm x 3 fans
Fan speed1000 - 2000 RPM (controlled by PWM)
Air flow81 CFM / 138m3/h
Max. Cooling Capacity250 Watts
BearingFluid Dynamic Bearing
Warranty72 months
EAN barcode0872767002593

Customer Reviews

Great product but a risky fitting proposition


JonEboy says: -

Great for XFX! My XFX cards are poorly cooled and noisy needing full fan speed (using an adjustment utility).

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ROOM! In my case, because the card becomes three slots wide, three problems emerged or worsened: -

1. On my mATX board, I can't use ANY of the other PCI slots. Even on a larger board I'd be obstructing one or two of the fans on this cooler.

2. The extra width at the back encroaches upon the board's SATA sockets. I managed to put back the two in use using cables with 90 right angled plugs. The other four are now unusable.

3. It further decreases where HDDs can go as the SATA connectors clash with the end of the card, particularly if you have end mounted power sockets.

Otherwise, it fulfils all promises. My XFX GTX-260 had NO transistor heatsinks at all!

NOTE ON FITTING SINKS: I use Isopropyl alcohol (CD cleaner) sprayed onto a cotton bud and dried off with the other end bud before placing and then a very firm press with my thumb.

Amazing compared to stock fan


I never really leave reviews but this product is worth it, first hats off to Quiet PC for the great service! Delivery was prompt and my requests were all dealt with!

My stock cooler did my card no justice, I played Crysis 2 for around 5 minutes and the temps would jump right up to 105 Degrees! My old temps were idle: 60-70 max load: 105*Fan speed 100% (Cut off point) now idle: 40 heavy-load: 60*Fan speed 40%

There are a few problems I ran into which people should be aware of before they purchase this cooler. It is longer than the stock cooler which is already quite long, therefore I had to remove my HDD bays in order to fit it in.

The Ram sinks are unbelievably annoying, I followed the instructions and used an eraser to clean the ram and the thermal tape on the sinks just don't stick too well.

The way I did it was slide the sinks around to smear it which makes it stick a little better, some were just too annoying so I smeared a touch of thermal paste on, hope this helps people out!

Impressive and quiet cooling


As the other reviewer mentions, it's a bit of a fiddle to install as you have to stick heatsinks on all the RAM chips before attaching the main GPU cooler, but the performance is brilliant. I put one on my Inno GTX 285, which has a factory overclocked GPU running at 702MHz. GPU core temperature at idle went from 46 degrees Centigrade with the noisier stock cooler down to 36C, but even more impressively full load temps running the furmark stress test went from 84C down to 56C! Board temperatures (ie the memory) also fell. The fans on the card run at a constant 40%, never needing to speed up. I do have a well ventilated case with two 120mm fans on the front drawing air in, a 120cm back and a 140mm top exhaust fans, though these all run at low speed to keep it quiet. Also check that your case can accommodate the length, as fitted it is 30cm long. Well worth the piece of mind to know my graphics card isn't baking, and much quieter than the stock cooler.

Remember to buy thermal Glue


I bought two of these and will not be installing the 2nd.

1. the heatsinks do not stay attached. They fell of my RAM and cost me a GTX260.

2. There is no physical support from the case like with the original cooler.

They are quiet. If they were to fix the 2 problems I could give them a higher rating.

Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme GTX Pro


Firstly, this thing is huge - it adds about maybe an inch or so to your graphics card and a GTX275 is huge anyway. I would SERIOUSLY check you can fit this in. I have an Antec 300 Gaming case, which I thought would easily have no problems :( Ended up almost bending my card to fit it in with the cooler attached. Literally had to force it in at an angle so the heat pipes could go either side of my drive bays.

Secondly, the adhesiveness of the supplied DRAM heat sinks is terrible. During my futile attempts to get the cooler installed they just kept coming off. Documentation says to clean the DRAMs and to use an Eraser otherwise they wont work... Was an eraser supplied no, who has an eraser? Was I going to go to the shops to find a shop that sold one - heck. So anyway I cleaned them using ArctiClean - nice and clean, heat sinks stuck for awhile but a slight knock and off they came - ended up using spares from a Scythe Musashi which worked.

Is quiet once installed, shame about installation

Very good for the 275 GTX


I have the Gainward 275 GTX and I have it OC to 700 MHz for core speed and the temp was about 38C. So I got this baby and installed it and taken the temp down by 10C so now it's 28C .

I recommend this cooler to anyone that has any of the 200 series that is compatible for this cooler. However, there is a down side to this cooler as it only just fits the GPU. So it may be a real pain to install it so it does take time to put it on and get it up and running. But the time to install it is worth it. This cooler is very silent even on 100% still quiet. The fans do connect directly to your GPU so that's a plus. It also comes with 2 slot air vents so having an extra 2 slots spare is worth it but it is optional.


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