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VF770 Ultra Quiet VGA Cooler
(3 reviews)

Zalman VF770 Ultra Quiet VGA Cooler

- Replaces the Zalman VF700 Series Quiet VGA Coolers

Succeeding the popular VF700, Zalman's VF770 VGA cooler not only cools the GPU but also the components surrounding it.

Zalman's VF770 is an excellent little VGA cooler. It has been designed specifically for mid to low end graphics cards that do not need a large amount of air flow to keep cool.

The cooler features a "Variable Flower Heatsink" (VFH) which is a specially designed heatsink that has been optimised to provide excellent performance even with low airflow, meaning that it will cool the GPU without making any excess noise. The design of the heatsink also means that it will cool the surrounding components on the card too, include the RAM and FET areas.

Along with the heatsink the cooler is also supplied with eight RAM heatsinks and a fan speed control cable. This cable connects to a spare 4-pin Molex connector from the power supply and then to the fan on the VF770. There are two points to where you can connect the fan. The black socket runs the fan at 12V, which is the fastest and therefore noisiest setting. This is only needs to be used if you require maximum cooling for the graphics card. The white socket will run the fan at 5V, which is the quietest setting. Most users will find the white socket will provide enough cooling for their graphics card.

So if you are looking for a cooler that is excellent value for money to cooler a mid to low graphics card, then look no further than the VF770.


  1. Excellent quiet cooler for video cards
  2. VFHS (Variable Flower Heatsink) technology for excellent cooling
  3. Supplied with fan controller to balance cooling and noise
  4. Lightweight design minimises excess force on the VGA card
  5. Compatible with a wide range of NVIDIA and ATI cards

ATI CompatibilityHD5670 HD4870 HD4850 HD4830 HD4650 HD4670 HD3870 HD3850 HD3650 HD2600 HD2600XT(DDR4) X1800XL X1600 X1650 series
NVIDIA CompatibilityGT240 9600GT 9600GSO 9500GT 9400GT 8600GTS 8600GT 7950GT 7900 7800 7600 6600 series
Dimensions)150(L) x 85(W) x 31(H)mm
Base MaterialPure Aluminium
VGA RAM heatsinks (included)8
Fan Type80mm, 2-ball bearing with blue LED
Fan Speed1350 - 2650 RPM
Fan Controller (included)Yes
Noise Level18.5 - 28.5 dB(A)
Warranty24 months
EAN barcode8809213761645

Customer Reviews

Had some trouble fitting it


Purchased to fit a HD4650 Graphics Adaptor which was a Novatech brand which had a noisy fan. When fitting the heatsink/fan to the PCB I found that the end of one of the fingers that fasten to the PCB touched the can of one of the crystal oscillators. As can be seen in the photo there are two mounting points on each finger, My card used the inners points. Therefore filled a few mm of the end of the finger and it did not touch any more. Then found once I fitted the fan, the fins of the heatsink touched the tops of two of the electrolytic capacitors on the graphics card. Left this as I did not seem to cause a problem

I suppose the problem is that the fan is specified to fit a particular chip set made by AMD/ATI and not a specific manufacturer of board. The board manufacturer could place components in places that clash with the fan/heatsink as Novatech have.

When fitted apart from the for mentioned problems, it is a very nice unit

100% Great!


This Product helped me reduce my GPU temps a lot! I was getting around 50*c with the stock cooler on my Ge Force 9500GT at idle. Idle temp now 39*C! At load I was reaching into the mid 70s and now, 50*c tops! I would definitely recommend this cooler to anyone.

Dropped GPU temp by 15-30 degrees


Overall, highly recommended if you have a 9500GT and want to over clock it for a bit of extra performance without hitting your pocket.

When I over clocked my 9500GT without the cooler to 590MHz core and 1475MHz shader to improve performance the GPU was reaching well over 60 degrees and becoming unstable. Once I fitted the Zalman VF770 my max temps went right down and in turn the GPU was rock solid at all times.

I wasn't able to use the memory chip heat sinks but this was to do with my cheap Palit 9500GT and not the cooler.

Fan is whisper quiet and the whole unit is built to a great quality for the money.


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