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RESERATOR1-PLUS Fanless Water Cooling System

Zalman RESERATOR1-PLUS Fanless Water Cooling System

- Replaced by the Zalman RESERATOR1 V2 Fanless Water Cooling System (w/WB5+)
The name RESERATOR is a compound word derived from 'Reservoir' and 'Radiator' - the impressive cylindrical tower acts as a reservoir whilst simultaneously radiating heat!
The name RESERATOR is a compound word derived from 'Reservoir' and 'Radiator' - the impressive cylindrical tower acts as a reservoir whilst simultaneously radiating heat!

Behold the Awesome Reserator1-PLUS!

The RESERATOR1-PLUS is designed for optimal heat dissipation using Zalman's HCET (Heat Capacity Extrusion Technique) technology. As a result, this cooler achieves excellent cooling performance using natural convection, making the RESERATOR1-PLUS the world's most efficient fanless, but more importantly, silent water cooling system! Unlike any aircooled system, the RESERATOR1-PLUS has the ability to keep a processor at just a few degrees above room temperature, regardless of CPU speed. This gives tremendous potential for reliability and overclocking!

The RESERATOR1 is the predecessor to the RESERATOR1-PLUS. Apart from the change of colour, from blue to black, there are many other great improvements.



The most striking aspect about the RESERATOR1-PLUS is the tall cylindrical reservoir where all the water is held. It stands nearly 600mm high and weights 6.5Kg. The black gloss finish looks even better than the old blue finish from the RESERATOR1. The RESERATOR1-PLUS and the RESERATOR1 are identical in every way, apart from the colour.

Quick Release Couplings

Another great feature is the Quick Release Couplings. The fittings incorporate values that prevent leaks when disconnecting the silicone tubing. This provides a quick release mechanism allowing the user to move the PC and RESERATOR1-PLUS more easily.

CPU Water Block, ZM-WB3 GOLD

The CPU water block incorporates a pure copper base for excellent heat transfer. The base has also been gold plated to prevent corrosion. It supports Pentium 4 (socket 478 and 775), Athlon 64 (socket 754 and 939) and Athlon XP (socket A/462). For more information regarding compatibility see the ZM-WB3 GOLD product page.

VGA Water Block, ZM-GWB2

Zalman's new VGA water block is light weight due to being manufactured from pure aluminium. This high performance VGA cooler is anodised and coated to prevent corrosion. Eight RAM heatsinks are included, making the ZM-GWB2 a complete package. The VGA water block is compatible with all graphics cards that have push-pin holes around the GPU, even nVidia's 6800 series! See the ZM-GWB2 product page for more information.

Anti-Corrosion Coolant

The Anti-Corrosion Coolant supplied with the RESERATOR1-PLUS has been designed to prevent corrosion, not only to the RESERATOR but also other material it come into contact with including copper, aluminium and plastic. This provides piece of mind for long term operation. It is to be used in conjunction with distilled water only!

New PCI Bracket

Other features/items that require a mention include the new PCI bracket that is supplied with the RESERATOR1-PLUS. Instead of the bolts used on the older RESERATOR1, the new version allows you to pass the pipes through the specially designed PCI bracket and then into the RESERATOR using the Quick Release feature. This makes moving and replacing the liquid much easier.

Flow Indicator

The Flow Indicator is exactly the same as the one that was previously supplied with the RESERATOR1. The Flow Indicator shows movement of the water offering peace of mind that the water pump is switched on and fully operational.


  1. 100% fanless watercooling unit
  2. Improved CPU water block, ZM-WB3 GOLD
  3. New VGA water block, ZM-GWB2
  4. Anti-Corrosion Coolant, ZM-G100
  5. Northbridge waterblock available separately, ZM-NWB1
  6. Quick release fittings

Radiation area1.274 sq m
Weight6.5 kg
Dimensions150(L) x 150(W) x 592(H) mm
Base materialPure anodised aluminium
Recommended Coolant typeDistilled Water and ZM-G100
TubingBlue silicone, 4 metres included
Coolant capacity2.5 litres max
Pump voltage and frequency230V - 50Hz (UK 3-pin plug)
Expected life of Pump25,000 Hours
Maximum flow rate300 litres per hour

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