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AcoustiCase 340 and 360 Installation Instructions

Revision 1.0 © 2007

These instructions guide you how to install the acoustic material to the case in an easy-to-follow manner. You may like to print out these instructions so you can refer to them while building the PC. However, if you are in any doubt as to your own competency in PC hardware installation then for the safety of yourself and your PC, please ask an expert engineer to do the work for you! These instructions are for guidance only and no responsibility or liability can be borne by for damage or loss incurred, (including data loss) howsoever caused, either directly or consequentially.

1. Preparation

Take a few minutes to read any instructions that come with the pack. Be careful to heed warnings about not placing materials directly over ventilation holes, or any moving parts or other components that will require airflow for cooling.

Turn any mains power supply off and unplug any power leads from the mains supply. The case should be fitted not connected to any power supply.

2. Fit the Case Roof

Remove any Power Supply Unit (PSU), and turn the case upside down. Remove the top 5¼-inch drive bay cover to allow easier access to the front of the case roof (see below).

Peel back a portion of the self-adhesive backing paper, and position the front narrow section of the roof part towards the front of the case as far as possible. Then remove the remainder of the backing paper and fit the remaining material PRESSING FIRMLY when into position.

3. Fit Drive Bay Blanking Plates

Fit the small backing pieces of acoustic composite behind the case front 3½ and 5¼-inch drive bay covers. The drive bay covers can be reached by prising off the front of the case. To do this, press the tabs either side of the front cover located towards the base; and lift the cover off (with a forward and up motion).

4. Fit Acoustic Foam Block on the Case Floor

Fit the almost square acoustic foam block under the Hard Disc Drive (HDD) cage on the case floor. This is a pressure-fit, and just pushes into the space.

This block will help to direct cool air from the front of the case over the installed hard disk drives.

5. Fit Case Floor Acoustic Composite

Fit the floor piece in the bottom left hand corner under the ‘open door switch’ (take care - this is fairly delicate), then the back of the floor under the expansion slots.

TIP: Position materials lightly at first - so they can be repositioned if necessary.

Once in position, position the remainder of the sheet and PRESS FIRMLY (this ‘sets’ the adhesive) over the entire sheet paying attention to ‘moulding’ the sheet over the case feet.

6. Add Acoustic Foam Blocks (Optional)

Pressure-fit the acoustic foam blocks into any spare 5¼ and 3½-inch drive bays. Acoustic blocks are also provided to fit into any spare locations in the HDD cage.

Take care not to place any acoustic foam block immediately against any devices that may not tolerate being isolated from cool air circulation (such as a disk drive).

7. Add Acoustic Composite adjacent to Expansion Card Slots

Attach the shaped acoustic composite material piece into the space adjacent to the expansion slots. Make certain the material does not cover the door locking screw hole. The acoustic material can be placed against the floor acoustic covering.

8. Fit Side Panel Behind the Motherboard

Unscrew and remove the side panel behind the motherboard.

Fit the sheet to the hinge edge first pressing lightly. Check there is an 18mm gap between the material and the rear edge of the door to allow it to close. When the position looks correct, fit the remainder of the sheet. PRESS FIRMLY over the entire sheet to set the adhesive.

9. Fit Main Door Panel

Fit the sheet to the hinge edge first, leaving a similar 18mm gap at the rear of the door, and press lightly.

When the position looks correct, fit the remainder of the sheet. PRESS FIRMLY to set the adhesive.