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Windows Media Center RC6 Remote Control TSGH-IR07
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HP Windows Media Center RC6 Remote Control TSGH-IR07

Introducing the HP Windows Media Center Remote. This is perfect for use with our Intel NUC PCs. However it is also compatible with any Microsoft compatible RC6 IR receiver.

If you are looking to take control of Windows Media Center on your new Intel NUC PC (if fitted with an IR receiver), then look no further than this compatible Infra-red remote control (IRRC).

This is the ideal companion for your NUC based media system and allows you to easily navigate the menu system used by Windows Media Center.


  1. The perfect remote for Intel NUC PC’s fitted with an IR receiver
  2. Microsoft RC6 compatible
  3. Works with Windows Media Center
  4. Windows 8 compatible

Windows Media Center is supplied by default with all versions of Windows 7 however, if you plan to use Windows 8.1 rather than Windows 7 then please note that Media Center is available only as a paid-for add on feature to Windows 8.1. It’s much cheaper to add it to the Pro version of Windows 8.1 than the standard version so we recommend that you purchase Windows 8.1 Pro in the first place in order to minimise expense.

SpecificationsWMC HP Remote
Dimensions (L x W x H)220 x 60 x 20mm
Batteries2 x AAA (not supplied)
Warranty24 months
SpecificationsWMC HP Remote
Dimensions (L x W x H)220 x 60 x 20mm
Batteries2 x AAA (not supplied)
Warranty24 months

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“Can’t recommend highly enough!”

“When I required a replacement for my PC, I stumbled across Quiet PC who were mentioned in an article in an online magazine. I found their website rather pleasant. It offers a good selection of components with obvious focus on low noise levels, but without sacrificing performance, and doesn’t overload the potential buyer with tons of options that are likely irrelevant. In other words, they focus on the components they know well. And that shows when you receive the PC (more in a moment).

For my build, I had a few customisation requests and questions: I needed extra cables prepared for disks and a graphics card I wanted to fit in, because I didn’t want to deal with cable management myself (If I had known how spacious the case is, I could have done it myself, though). Those requests were accommodated at no extra cost.

Any questions I had were answered within a few hours, and during follow-up email conversation it rarely took more than an hour to receive a helpful response. Absolutely no copy&paste style emails from Quiet PC! Service and communication has been excellent throughout the ordering process (and beyond).

When the PC arrived, I was positively suprised about the packaging as well as all the extra bits and pieces they ship with the computer: All manuals from individual components, all spare cables, lots and lots of screws for different purposes (put into nicely labelled bags), and even the remaining screws and brackets for the CPU cooler - including the CPU dust cover and extra thermal paste. In other words, you get all the original parts which weren’t needed in the build, and then some!

Before I first switched the PC on, I opened it to add all my disks and the graphics card. All the cables were prepared as I asked them to do. The cable management throughout was very neat and tidy. I have used other custom PC builders in the UK before, but none of them were even close to Quiet PC when it comes to cable management.

So, do Quiet PC build quiet PCs? Absolutely, yes, and without any sacrifice on performance or temperature levels. The case fans and Noctua CPU cooler keep the i7-6700K and the system temperature in the low 30C range during idle and normal office work.

I ended up replacing the case fans with Noctua fans, merely because I’m obsessed with noise levels and they are a bit quieter under load and can respond to raising temperature levels, but that doesn’t take anything away from Quiet PC’s choice -- The computer was already very quiet before, and the manual fan speed slider will be more than sufficient for the majority of users. (In fact you will hardly have to touch it; the idle airflow is good enough and you have to push the PC very hard to get temperatures beyond 55C for the CPU and low 40s for the system)

I apologise for getting carried away with this review! :-)

The bottom line is: brilliant service, including the option to have custom changes done; excellent build quality, packaging and spare parts; quick delivery (4 days in my case, instead of up to 7 as advertised). You can’t go wrong with these guys!”

(Review via Trustpilot)