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Was a bit unsure at first

Was a bit unsure at first, but wow, so cheap and such quick delivery! Great store! (31st December 2018 via Trustpilot)
Icy Vision Rev.2 VGA Cooler for High-end AMD and Nvidia
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Gelid Solutions Icy Vision Rev.2 VGA Cooler for High-end AMD and Nvidia


Got a Nvidia GTX480 or an ATI 5870 and want to keep it cooler and quieter? Then you just may need the Gelid Icy Vision!

The ICY VISION includes five power heatpipes with 10 effective heat transmission channels and 85 individual 0.4mm thick high quality aluminium fins. This configuration ensures a faster heat dissipation from the GPU to aluminium fins. And thanks to the two 92mm S-shape fans that provide 20% additional air flow than traditional fans, the ICY VISION cools High End Graphics cards at a lower noise level than the original stock cooler.

Both fans are wired together and are powered by a single 3-pin fan connector which connects to any free 3-pin fan header on the motherboard and they do run at full speed so if you prefer to have some control over the Icy Vision's fan speeds, we would recommend that you use a Gelid Fan Controller or other fan controller, which will allow you to set your preferred cooling/noise balance.


  1. Compatible with virtually all Nvidia and ATI cards
  2. Five high performance power heatpipes
  3. Premium aluminium fins and pure copper base
  4. Two 92mm S-shape fans for 20% additional air flow
  5. Ball bearing for long life
  6. CrossFire and SLI compatible


The Icy Vision boasts a massive compatibility list. Straight out of the box it is suitable for the following...

AMD - HD4850, HD4870, HD4890, HD5830, HD5850, HD5870, HD6850, HD6870, HD6950, HD6970, HD7850, HD7870, R9 270X, R9 290X

NVIDIA - 9800GT, 9800GTX, GTS250, GTX260, 275, 280, 285, GTS450, GTX460, GTX465, GTX470, GTX480, GTX560 TI, GTX570, GTX580, GTX680, GTX770, GTX780

GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 compatibility is provided with this Gelid GTX 1070/1080 Kit.

The heatsinks required for cooling the RAM and FETs on the graphics card are all included. Please note the following height restriction drawing to aid compatibility with your system.

The Icy Vision will take up three spaces when installed in your case, so if you only have two PCI-E slots that are placed really close together the you probably won’t be able to run a dual card configuration with the Icy vision installed.


It is important that you check with your card's manufacturer prior to fitting the cooler that your card adheres to the reference designs issued by AMD / NVidia otherwise the cooler may not fit. If you are not sure then the best way to check is to mount the cooler in place without using either the thermal paste or any of the supplied heatsinks. Once you are happy that the cooler fits it is then safe to remove the cooler and install it correctly according to the supplied instructions.

Only fit the cooler once you are 100% sure it will fit as once the thermal paste and heatsinks have been used the item becomes non-returnable. Should you find the card does not fit and you haven’t used any of the heatsinks or the thermal paste then the card can be returned for a refund.

SpecificationsIcy Vision Rev.2
ATI CompatibilityHD4850, HD4870, HD4890, HD5830, HD5850, HD5870, HD6850, HD6870, HD6950, HD6970, HD7850, HD7870, R9 270X, R9 290X
Nvidia Compatibility9800GT, 9800GTX, GTS250, GTX260, 275, 280, 285, GTS450, GTX460, GTX465, GTX470, GTX480, GTX560 TI, GTX570, GTX580, GTX680, GTX770, GTX780
Nvidia GTX1070 / GTX 1080Yes, with an additional kit (see footnote) *
Air Flow (CFM)67.14
Bearing1 Ball and 1 Sleeve
Cable Length (mm)200
Current (A)0.5 (0.25 per fan)
DC Voltage (V)12
Fan Speed (RPM)2000 ±10%
Fan2 x 9215 S-Shape UV Blue Fan
Heatsink Dimensions (mm)216 L x 95 W x 52 H
Life Time MTTF at 40C (h)50,000
Noise Level (dBA)26 max.
Static Pressure (mmAq)1.3
Weight (g)465
Warranty60 months
EAN barcode4897025780392

Customer Reviews

Türkiye'den Selamlar


Ürün 4. gün geldi ve hala şaşkınım. Powercolor HD 6950 kullanıyorum. Sesi inanılmaz rahatsız edici ve Civilization V DX11 sürümünü oynarken çok ısınıyor. Geçenlerde 100 dereceyi görünce çıldırıp oyunu kapatmak zorunda kalmıştım. %100 fan hızında çıkartığı sesi de siz düşünün artık. Ürünü daha önceleri başka bir kartta kullanmıştım. Henüz montajını yapmadım ama peşin peşin 5 yıldızı hak ediyor. Teşekkürler Quiet PC!



This cooler brought my idle temps to 27C and load temps to 38C. I've never seen a graphics card run so cool.

Installation was a bit challenging, but nothing I can't handle.



quietPC delivered fast as always, no problems with the website or delivery.

The cooler was fairly easy to assemble, and was totally silent at idle with not very much noise even when turned up on fan controller.

However after 2 days it developed a rattle, which I assumed to be a fan blade hitting the heatsink, however it turned out to be wires from the motherboard, the card was vibrating slightly and hitting a USB header, once this was unplugged there has been no problem. Card is silent with fan turned down, with fan up it's audible but not annoying and with gaming wouldn't be noticeable.

I have a new card ordered, but in the mean time am managing to play Elite:Dangerous with an overclocked 9800GT (way below recommended minimum specs) and it does not get above 41C with the fan at the lowest setting, this cooler has much more capacity than I can possibly use with a 9800GT and I see it fits a 780ti. I would be interested to know if I can use it with a GTX970, because I would probably move it onto the new card, it's so quiet.

I would also like to see quietPC sell brackets to fit my own AcoustiFans to this cooler, as they last years. Still have AcoustiFans fitted to my case from about 8 years ago working perfectly and have replaced many other fans in that period on motherboards and GPUs, so fitting them to this cooler would be the ultimate for me.



Fast shipping, 5 days to Croatia..Excellent service!

Great cooler, easy installation on Zotac gtx580,

Temp varies but approximately:

_______Stock cooler_____Gelid Icy:__ 12V fan speed ____ 7V ____ 5V

Idle _______ 37 _____________________ 27 _______________ 29 ____ 30

Gaming ___ 75 _____________________ 45 _______________ 50 ____ 55+

a bit loud without fan controller so its must for silence

highly recommend :DD

-30 C


Furmark with stock (and a good one ) : 93-95 C

Furmark with Icy Vision : 61 C

Only if you add PWM fans :-)



with my zotac gtx680 2gb 256 bit, temperature at idle decreases 44-45 to 35. At %99 load temperature decreases 85 to 55.

Very good


Ok, I bought it few days ago. Delivery very fast. But... Cooler itself is not so easy to install on every card, I have gtx 550Ti, is not on the list of supported cards on this site but i checked on gelid site and it was. Had little problem installing radiators on ram due to high. When I finished I went to tests straight away.

- noise: at 2040rpm its lots of it coming so you need fan controller to drop down rpm in every day use (at 1600rpm you wont hear it).

- temperature: idle drop down from 30 to 28 degrees (no difference) but on full load from 70-80 to 40-50 degrees (that is stunning).

I can highly recommend this cooler, just plan it during the installation what goes where

It really WORKS


I'm from Turkey. Shipping took 7 days. I think it's fast. I bought this cooler for my Powercolor AMD HD6870. I have a mid Tower case but it has 2 x 80mm fans (as blowers) right in front of the VGA card slot.

When playing Mass Effect 3, Crysis 3 and the worst of all Max Payne... heat was 95-102 C. Now my idle and full load temps are 30-49 C. That's all I'm gonna say.

PS:I gave 9 points because didn't like the shape of it, my card looks ugly now and fans pin doesn't fit to card, they could arrange something about that. But who cares anyway.

Simply A. MA. ZING.


I don't know how to write this in english so i write in spanish.

Simplemente espectacular la diferencia, ayer lo instalé en mi Vapor-X HD4870x2 y las temperaturas en idle bajaron drasticamente, 34° contra los acostumbrado 60° que tenía la tarjeta de video, en modo full carga nisiquiera llegó a tener 45° ( se manteniá en 44 y a veces 45).

Totalmente recomiendo este Cooler!!.

QuietPC les agradesco tener productos de tan excelente calidad.

Un Abrazo!

Great Cooler, Very Quiet!


This is an amazing product. I have a GTX 470 and I could not stand the sound of it any more. When it was at full load and the fans were on full you couldn't hear yourself think. Previously with the stock cooler my card (at load) would run around 95c and fans on 100%. With this cooler the maximum I have had so far is 75c. Already this is a 20c drop.

What makes this even better is that I purchased a fan controller and this cooler is achieving this 20c drop on the lowest possible fan speed (can't hear it over my CPU/case fans). Running various tests I have found pushing the fans to max (which are nowhere near as loud as my stock fans on max) I can get it to drop to about 65c (30c difference!). Overall amazing product. You will not be disappointed. Makes your graphics card a lot cooler and a lot quieter, a must buy!

Works well, but be careful during installation


When attaching the cooler, I managed to snap two of the dinky little screws even though I didn't think I used much strength at all. Fortunately there was one spare in the kit, so now my cooler is attached with 3 out of 4 screws. Scary, but seems to work properly. It can indeed be pretty quiet when tuned with a fan controller.

Quiet PC replied on 8th February 2013

If you require any spare screws please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Incredible cooler!!!


At first I was unsure if this cooler was compatible with my card (gigabyte gtx560 ti oc) but it was and the result is incredible, stock temps were 35c at idle and 80c at full load, with this cooler they are now 27c at idle and 60c at full load. As for sound level I cant hear this cooler over my case fans and they are pretty quiet. I found installing it a bit fiddly and the instructions not much help, in all took me about an hour to fit. Well impressed with this purchase.



Yaz sıcağında Yük altında 85° olan GTX 460 OC kartım 63° ye düştü. Fanı Çok sessiz. fan sesi duyulması imkansız. Tavsiye edrim.

Sapphire HD4870 Vapor-X ---Great Cooler..Strongly Advised.


My order received a little bit late. (came in 4 weeks, that's why I gave eight stars). I'm using with Sapphire HD4870 Vapor-X, the montage was not so hard. Instructions paper is enough to get how to setup. I've had a bit problem with my SATA connectors while setting up my motherboard's sata port location is too close to PCI-exp slot. (My board is gigabyte p45-ud3lr). I am using 2 HDDs and a dvd drive, my third sata port didn't let one of the fans spin therefore the dvd's sata cable is obliged to be removed. That's ok for now. Anyway, performance is amazing , it was around 65C when idle , and 85C+ when %100 load. After set it up , temperature has fallen down to 35C when idle and 46-50C when its full load.So that's an incredible cooler for your VGA Adapter, thanks to QuietPC. It's strongly advised. (Especially shopping from QuietPC).



I have added this cooler onto my GTX 560Ti and it has done the following:

Stock cooler at load 93C ... This cooler at load 53C

Stock cooler at idle 36C ... This cooler at idle 27C

The only problem would be that the fans run at 2040 rpm and I cannot change them. This is a very good cooler.

Quiet PC replied on 4th November 2011

Thanks for your feedback! To pick up on your final point, using Zalman's FANMATE2 is a good way to vary the fan speed if you wish - it's an excellent, cost effective further upgrade to Gelid's already great cooler.

Fantastic Cooler - HD6950


Bought this for my HD6950 with bios mod to HD6970 and an overclock of 930/1400. Keeps it very very cool with MSI Afterburner giving a max reading of 52degrees at full load.

My only concern and annoyance, the fans are not PWM controlled so the fan speed cannot be changed through MSI Afterburner or other software. Sits on a constant 2100rpm which is actually louder than the stock cooler in my case. I bought this for the low noise element primarily and it was a little disappointing. Most of the reviews i read did not mention this factor. Tempted to look for another cooler or find a cheap fan controller.

VTX ATI HD6950 Graphics Card


This is an easy to fit product on the VTX ATI HD6950 graphics card, however you do not need the VRM Cooling Enhancement Kit, even the VRM replacement heat sink that comes with this cooler doesn't fit. Stick the Memory heat sinks on add the fan job done. Nice and quiet compared to the stock fans.

Excellent cooler for Radeon 6970 or 6950.......


I bought this to replace the noisy stock cooler on my Radeon 6970 along with the extra VRM kit and it works brilliantly, keeps the card at 63 on the gpu and 70 on the VRM chips when overclocked to 950/1450 in Furmark at the highest settings. It was a little bit tricky to install but worth it. Definitely recommended!

Good Services And Best Cooler


Quiet PC have an excellent service, received my item in good condition. The cooler works wonders on my Palit GTX 580 and overclocked it at 850 MHz. Need patience to install it. Great product instead.

reduced temp by 25c -Nice


I'll start by saying excellent service you offer, super quick delivery. :D the item is very good, knocked down temps by 25c which I'm very happy, I can play Crysis 2 without overheating my card. wo0t but installation of cooler isn't as easy as I thought, the instructions are basic enough, but cards shown are the 275, not 9800gtx, although this cooler does support it, following diagrams that don't represent your card is a little hard. also the thermal pads are a nightmare to unstick from the corners (both side) overall excellent item.

Great !


Great cooler !!! 5870 46C FURMARK !!!!

Gelid Icy Vision Rev.2 VGA Cooler


First of all, I'd like to tell you this: I couldn't guess that the product would come to Turkey in a short time. I took the product in 4 working days. If we mention about the product, it is really excellent. I saw my Palit GTX 480 display adapter at idle the temperature of 32°C and at load the temperature of max. 60°C. My display adapter works quietly and stable as a result of Gelid Icy Vision and runs at approximately ((GPU clock-840MHz/ Shader clock-1680MHz/ Memory clock-1960MHz)).

THANKS QuietPC...!!!







Icy Vision VGA Cooler For HD4890


Was not sure about this cooler but once fitted well pleased with the result. Temp down from 60 to 34 degrees on idle and does not exceed 40 on full load. Not too difficult to fit but a bit of care needed when fitting thermal pads. Instructions straightforward. Much, much quieter than the noisy stock cooler on my PowerColor 4890 - all in all an excellent buy. Good service from Quiet PC too.

Turkish review




Just great!


Well I wasn't sure about this cooler but bought it after all coz 95C on my GTX470 just was insane... Had no clue how to install it as I never done it before but installed after all and now temps dropped for about 30C :P Really great cooler!


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