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Newton R2 1000W 80PLUS Modular PSU
(3 reviews)
Newton R2 800W 80PLUS Modular PSU
(3 reviews)
Newton R2 650W 80PLUS Modular PSU
(1 review)

Fractal Design Newton R2 80PLUS Modular Power Supplies

When you buy a Fractal Design power supply, you can be reassured that you get what you pay for. 100% real wattage without the noise.


  1. Dedicated single 12V-rail
  2. 100% real wattage
  3. Smart Modular connections
  4. Very quiet 135mm fan and 80 PLUS certified
  5. Durability with extremely low failure rate
  6. Extra long cables to support full tower cases
  7. Five years warranty

Smart Modular!

Modular PSUs are now becoming the norm. They allow you to connect only the cables you require to power your system which cuts down on the amount of cables inside your system that are not needed. This not only makes your system look tidier but it will also improve airflow because there will not be any unnecessary cables blocking airflow. For any cables that are not being used, Fractal Design provide a handy way of keeping them all together so they are easier to find if you require them in the future.

The Power and Efficiency - 80 PLUS!

When you buy a Fractal Design power supply, you can be reassured that you get what you pay for. 100% real wattage! The PSU is guaranteed to continuously run at specified wattage. Fractal Design test the PSUs by running the power supply beyond the specified wattage without any issues. One other important factor with this PSU is that it has a very good efficiency, hence 80 PLUS certification.

The Silence

Apart from being powerful, these power supplies won't break the quietness. On the contrary, it will be hard to know if it is actually running or not! Fractal Design hand picked a high quality 135mm fan and mounted it with rubber fittings to reduce vibrations. The fan will only spin as much as needed under different loads. The high efficiency of over 80% is crucial since it minimises the heat the power supply emits. This enables the fan to spin at lower speeds, making it quiet at all times.

The Quality

Fractal Design have cut no corners where quality is concerned. They value durability when creating their power supplies. This means you will find only the best components possible inside the PSU itself. For example the capacitors used inside the PSU are Japanese! As a result they offer a massive five years warranty with their PSUs, which proves their confidence in their PSUs.

SpecificationsNewton R2 1000WNewton R2 650WNewton R2 800W
Product code FD-PSU-NEWT2-1000 FD-PSU-NEWT2-650 FD-PSU-NEWT2-800
Size (D x W x H, mm)165 x 150 x 86 140 x 150 x 86 165 x 150 x 86
ATX12V Versionv2.3
EPS12V Version2.91/2.92
20+4-pin ATX ConnectorYes
ATX12V (4+4-pin) supportYes
PCI-E support (6+2-pin)Yes, x4 Yes, x2 Yes, x4
Number of floppy drive connectors1
Number of hard drive (Molex) connectors8
Number of SATA power connectors12 8 12
Master power on/off switchYes
Acoustic noise level21 dB average
Fan size135mm, thermally controlled
Length of motherboard power cable450mm approx
+3.3V maximum output current24 A
+5V maximum output current30 A 24 A 30 A
+12V maximum output current75 A 50 A 60 A
-12V maximum output current0.5 A
+5VSB maximum standby current3 A 2.5 A 3 A
Combined maximum output +3.3V / +5V170 W 140 W 170 W
Continuous load capacity1000 W 600 W 850 W
Peak load capacity1230 W 810 W 1000 W
Power conversion efficiency80% PLUS
Mains input voltage115V-230V
Safety CertificatesCE, EMC and LVD
ProtectionOver Current/Voltage/Power Protection, Under Voltage Protection and Short Circuit Protection
Warranty60 months
EAN barcode7350041080244 7350041080220 7350041080237

Customer Reviews

Newton R2 1000W
Newton R2 800W
Newton R2 650W

Deathly quiet, loads of connectors so very flexible.


The packaging is nicely reduced, not quite minimal, but happily free of nonsense. Upon inspection of the simple, black box with a large fan grille over the huge white fan, there are 10 connectors for modular leads, which is very good. There is also a very good selection of long modular cables. (Agreed that ideally ultra-flexible cables would be nice, but this is not a serious matter.) The cables easily stretch about my huge Coolermaster case, which has the PSU at the bottom back, but the drives arrayed up the front. Upon powering it up, it is very very quiet, even with my old, dual Opterons running at full tilt.



- Good amount of Cables.
- Good Design.
- Cables have there own bag, so you wont lose any of them.
- Very Quiet for a PSU.
- Cables are longer than standard

- The Modular cables are indistinct from most other PSU's I've owned.
- Cable insulation is thick and can be quite difficult to deal with inside case.

NOTE: When I was playing the computer game 'The Witcher - Enhanced Edition' (not witcher 2). The game loads up fine. Once it reaches the main menu screen the PSU starts whining (High Pitch Noise) significantly, as I move between screens it whines at different 'pitches'. Once the game starts and I'm walking around the whining is gone). It's worse when I use Windows XP. I'm not sure if mine is faulty.

Quiet PC replied on 2nd June 2011

Hi Chris - thanks for the review. In answer to your question, it's possible you have received a faulty unit which whines, but in our experience it's more likely that the whining is due to an interaction between the PSU and another component in your PC (most likely your graphics card). This is due to high frequency signals not being sufficiently filtered on the motherboard and being sent back up the PSU power lines where they cause resonance on the components inside the PSU. Usually the cure is to replace one of the components (most easily, the power supply, and probably for a different model). So please contact us if you'd like to do this.

Pure awesomeness


This PSU is the best I ever owned. I was planning on upgrading from 1 to 2 GTX580 in SLI when my old Zalman PSU let me down.

The extra power available (compared to lower wattage equivalents) makes it run even cooler thus quieter. The modular design is what you'd expect. No bad surprises here, worth every penny.

Excellent and Quiet


I purchased this PSU after my Zalman 700 failed to power my new rig (i5-2500K). It runs silent and the modular cables mean I only have cables where I need them to go. Excellent PSU.

Perfect for my needs.


Very, very quiet. Excellent modular design. I'm not sure how long an 80PLUS power supply will pay for itself (the additional cost of getting an 80PLUS PSU compared to a non-80PLUS PSU), but given the cost of electricity in my country, I expect this to not be too long.

I intend to be using my machine for 5 years, and the build quality of the Fractal Design makes me think that this will be the last part that needs upgrading!

Thanks again to - excellent service.

Powerful and Quiet


I am picky about quiet components, and I can recommend this PSU. I'll be buying two more for my other computers.

excellent buy! A+++++


Never owned a dedicated PSU, heard a lot of good comments on Fractal Design products but I was still very impressed by the quality of the product when received. Great packaging (looks like a luxury good rather than a computer component :), a bag for the power unit, another one for all the modular cables; almost completely quiet for my beefy i7 2600 + Asus P87H67M-EVO mobo + NVidia 460/2GB + 16GB DDR3 + 4x2TB SATA + 1x60G SSD setup;


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