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AcoustiPack BLOCKS Acoustic Foam Blocks
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Acousti AcoustiPack BLOCKS Acoustic Foam Blocks

These perfectly sized foam blocks are ideal for insertion into empty chassis drive bays and will reduce acoustic noise and improve airflow.

The new AcoustiPack™ EXTRA Foam Blocks pack contains three acoustic foam blocks. These can be used inside any vacant drive bays to help increase the absorption of unwanted sound energy. Once installed, the foam blocks also help to reduce the internal air volume inside your PC or server case, which in turn may improve airflow velocity and cooling performance.

The blocks are made from professional-grade dense acoustic foam, which is certified to UL94-HF1 fire rating. The foam is especially effective at absorbing sound at higher frequencies, such as HDD whine or high-pitched noise from oscillating motherboard components. The foam is black and flexible enough to perfectly friction-fit into any empty 5¼” or 3½” drive bays.


  1. Additional foam blocks help to increase surface area inside a case
  2. Pack contains a set of 3 noise-absorbing foam blocks
  3. Two blocks suitable for empty optical 5.25 drive bays
  4. One block suitable for an empty HDD or FDD drive bay

Customer Reviews

Maybe they did something


Like most sound dampening additions to your PC case, don’t expect the world from these things. I didn’t, but I’m not entirely sure they made any difference.

To be fair, I’m using a HAF 912 Advanced case - quite an open case. I used the 5.25” ones to place above and below my freshly mounted HDD which now sits in a 5.25” bay with a mount.

Between those 2 additions, the HDD is noticeably quieter, but from what I read about the 5.25” HDD silencing mounts, this is likely mostly - if not entirely - due to the mount.

Overall, they feel pretty solid, like they do in fact absorb sound. One thing to note is that the 5.25” bay blocks will hang out a good inch or so past the bay. I ended up cutting both of mine so they’d fit flush. Of course, I had no idea what to use to get a nice cut so I just used scissors…I do not recommend using scissors. Maybe a hot knife? I don’t know, that’s why I used scissors.

Very good foam - but be careful with drives damping!


I bought this kit in order to silence the drives in my already super-silent case. Remember that if the internal environment is well damped and the fans very silent (including the power supply), the HDs become a problem.

I got one WD Velociraptor (10000 RPM) and two WD Caviar Black, both known to be a bit noisy, and wanted to lower down to almost zero the plates rotation noise without using the HD silencers on the market. This foam is effective in doing so, but to reach the near-silent range you have to wrap-up the disks, with an increase in 20-30 degrees in the drives temperature, even with 120-mm fans flushing them!

I immediately switched back to a more conservative configuration, using the foam just to support the HDs, but without a complete coverage of their surface. You gain something in terms of noise, and there is almost no change in the disks temperature. Apart from the results of my trial, this foam is high quality and easy to cut even if quite dense

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