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Andy Ford gave good advice and good customer service.The fan is running nice and quiet. Many thanks. Allan Saxon, 18th August 2015 (via Trustpilot)
AcoustiFeet Very Soft Anti-Vibration Feet ACF3007-15B
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AcoustiFeet Soft Anti-Vibration Feet ACF3007-20B
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AcoustiFeet Firm Anti-Vibration Feet ACF3007-30B
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AcoustiFeet Vibration-absorbing Low Profile Silicone Feet


A simple and economic solution to combat unwanted vibrational noise! - throw away your plastic feet and apply a set of four self-adhesive soft silicone case feet! A great deal of PC case feet are solid plastic, or (at best) very hard rubber and therefore do a good job of transmitting unwanted vibrations from inside a PC via the chassis/case into the desk, floor or shelf on which the system sits. In this situation, where the case is in direct contact with the substrate, the PC can generate annoying noise elsewhere (secondary noise).

ACF3007 - Four soft silicone anti-vibration PC case feet designed to absorb vibrations from PC cases and similar vibrating enclosures.
ACF3007 - Four soft silicone anti-vibration PC case feet designed to absorb vibrations from PC cases and similar vibrating enclosures.

Acousti Products have designed a unique pack of four self-adhesive silicone feet available in four different softnesses (to support different weights). These feet are designed to decouple a PC case from the floor or other hard resting surface by absorbing vibrational energy, and therefore helping to minimise noise generation caused by vibrations.

A little extreme? Well, yes, perhaps: but even with very quiet PCs it is vibration that becomes the most significant culprit/contributor to noise generation. So these case feet have been developed to try and minimise vibrations in the pursuit of 'ultimate noise reduction'. We hope you enjoy the difference!

Image showing a plan and section of the silicone case foot (ACF3007). The foot design has a rounded edge (that is, the load edge), which helps to absorb vibration in both horizontal and vertical planes.
Image showing a plan and section of the silicone case foot (ACF3007). The foot design has a rounded edge (that is, the load edge), which helps to absorb vibration in both horizontal and vertical planes.

Multiple Applications

Anti-vibration case feet are not just limited to combating PC noise and for vibration control in their application - they may be useful for Inkjet and Laser Printers, HiFi Separates, TVs, Small Form Factor PCs, Home Theatre PCs, and any number of appliances and enclosures that would benefit from vibration adsorption and reduction. Speaker cabinets may also be a useful application for these feet - helping to isolate the speaker cabinet from the surface on which it sits. These feet are low-profile (7mm high), so they won't necessarily be seen, and they are non-marking. The rounded edge is designed specifically to dampen vibration transmission in multiple planes. Different foot softnesses will suit different PC & server weights - we suggest the following as a rough guide:

  • Very Soft (Shore A 15°) for lightweight PC and SFF PC cases, HTPC cases, vibrating HiFi units, TV and home cable set top boxes, small speaker cabinets, inkjet printers etc.
  • Soft (Shore A 20°) for medium-to-lightweight PCs, solid SFF cases, heavy HTPC cases, larger inkjet printers and laser printers, heavier HiFi units (such as power amps), speaker cabinets etc.
  • Firm (Shore A 30°) for seriously heavy PCs and tower server cases - heavier PCs with multiple HDDs, tower-style case servers, other applications like noisy photocopiers and office equipment etc.

Image showing an AcoustiFoot on the underside of a computer case.
Image showing an AcoustiFoot on the underside of a computer case.

SpecificationsFirm FeetSoft FeetVery Soft Feet
ModelACF3007-30B ACF3007-20B ACF3007-15B
SoftnessShore A 30° (firm) Shore A 20° (soft) Shore A 15° (very soft)
Optimal load per foot7.5 kg 3.5 kg 2.0 kg
Max total optimal load (4 feet)30 kg *14 kg *8 kg *
Foot dimensions30mm diameter x 7mm high
Pack weight28 g
Material descriptionNon-marking silicone elastomer [UL94-HB]
Colour / odourMatt black / odourless
Operating temperature range-20°C ~ 70°C
Self-adhesive properties3M Y-9448HK / Non-woven double-sided acrylic
REACH and RoHS CompliantYes (EU Directive 2002/95/EC)
Warranty24 months
EAN barcode5060087740393 5060087740362 5060087740348
  • *The optimal load is the heaviest weight at which compression still occurs in the feet. The feet can carry higher loads, but they become over-compressed and suffer a reduced vibration-absorbing capacity if overloaded.

Customer Reviews

Firm Feet
Soft Feet
Very Soft Feet

Really helped reduce vibration and reverberation for my NAS


I bought these for my HP Microserver (gen 1) based NAS, which I am using in a worst case scenario - with 7,200 RPM drives, stored on a wooden bookcase. The rubber feet that the server ships with are very firm and thin and as such the bookcase reverberated and amplified a very annoying buzz (it was OK with 5,400 RPM drives but with 7,200 RPM drives it sounded like something Ann Summers would sell).

I tried these on a whim without really expecting much but I was very pleasantly surprised to find they have /significantly/ dropped the vibrations transmitted to and amplified by the bookcase - much more so than the various cheap tricks I tried while waiting for the feet to be delivered (old mouse mats and lots of layers of bubble wrap).



Used these to help with a ReadyNAS Duo in a wooden cabinet and it instantly went from a drone which echoed through the cabinet to basically silence...can't believe the difference they've made.

FANTASTIC - Say goodbye to vibration woes!


Ordered a set of these for a Sony BDP-S370 Bluray player that was vibrating on my glass TV stand. Once fitted the annoying vibration disappeared - absolute magic! I would definitely recommend these to anyone considering them. They are well worth the money and I cannot recommend them enough - go buy some!

Bloody Marvellous!


I had my doubts when ordering these as I've had 'acousti' brand fans before and didn't rate them much at all. However the drone from my HTPC (an asrock 330) when I loaded a slightly off-balance DVD was driving me crazy (I should point out that this wasn't the norm). Hallelujah! These feet have answered my prayers, any vibrations which may have previously been transmitted through to the shelf, if present, are now inaudible. Also of note is how grippy these little fellas are, which ensures that my little box doesn't go sliding across the shelf whenever I jab the power button. Overall highly recommended.

Absolutely Amazing


I bought these for a "humming" PVR not really expecting them to make much of a difference, but they removed 100% of the vibration hum being transferred to my cabinet instantly.

Excellent cheap solution to vibration trouble


I recently bought these to reduce the vibration from my Sony Media PC - it was sitting on a wooden shelf and the vibration was starting to get on my nerves, even though it is designed to run quietly. I put these on and the PC now runs in absolute silence. These are superb - do the job and then some. Fully recommended.

Very effective


I used these to replace the standard rubber pads under an HP N36L Microserver. Before fitting the vibration from the drives in the microserver could be heard through the floor. I pulled the old pads off and replaced them with a set of the soft AcoustiFeet and the vibration is now suppressed so you can't hear the machine from the floor below. Much improved.



Can't quite believe the difference these have made. I have 2 PCs on top of a wooden cupboard - makes a nice soundboard! Before these, you could hear the humming throughout the house. Now all vibration gone!

Only pain is that as you get rid of one source of noise, another becomes apparent! My silent case fans don't seem quite so silent now. Also thinking about HDD silencers.

Essential for every quiet application


Pound for pound, these are by far the best investment for reducing PC noise. The only situation they may not make a difference on is if your PC sits directly onto carpet but if not, then these little guys will make a huge difference to your PC noise levels.

Best fiver spent on sound reduction...


Of course these would only benefit you if your machine suffers from the dreaded HUM - HUM - HUM. This used to transmit itself through my desk into the whole room, replace the rock hard feet on your case and the vibration should go. I opted for these 'Soft up to 14kg', my case isn't exactly lightweight, with a decent power supply, 2 HD's 2 Optical drives and a big CPU fan. Even if the end total is nearly a fiver they are well worth it.

I actually can't believe it!


I really can't believe what a difference these AcoustiFeet made to my server. I have an HP Proliant ML110 with a RAID array sitting in my office. Its very quiet except that the vibration from the box can be felt and heard throughout the house as a barley audible hum which I was finding annoying especially at night. I was sceptical about these feet but I thought for the price I probably wouldn't have

lost much. These AcoustiFeet are amazing! Not only did they arrive promptly they were simplicity itself to fit and the vibration from the box has completely disappeared. Thank You!



I was starting to get a little annoyed with the noise my computer cabinet was making whilst my PC was on. A humming noise, but not constant, was up and down (noise level). So after a little search using google, I found these feet advertised and ordered them straight away. As they are cheap I wasn't that bothered if they didn't work, but I have been totally surprised. The noise has completely gone :)

I own an Antec 1200 gaming case which is pretty loaded with gear, and very heavy so got these firm feet which as I said before, worked perfectly!!!!!

These feet are HIGHLY recommended by me. I'd give 10 out of 10 for performance, 10 out of 10 for QuietPc's price and speed of delivery.

Thanks very much for your swift despatch.

Vibrating TV speaker problem solved


I have a 37" LG TV which has an "invisible speaker" system. The cabinet of the TV is supposed to increase the sweet spot. Many though have reported across various forums that their speakers vibrate on certain tones, certainly enough to be a pain, (a claim conveniently denied by LG).

I didn't want to go opening the back, fitting padding etc. and all that malarkey and otherwise it's a great set so I stumbled upon the Acoustifeet via a post on AVForums.

I called their technical support who advised me to get the firm variety (they're still quite soft however to touch). They arrived the very next day, I needed 7 of them for the base of my TV stand and the self-adhesive was easy to fit. Turned on the TV and the difference was remarkable and I'm not easily pleased. First class, I can even have the bass turned up a bit now without a problem

where before I had tweaked settings that lacked the oomph! that's provided by the Cinema mode. Thanks very much!


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