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ZM80D-HP Silent Dual Heatpipe VGA Heatsink
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Zalman ZM80D-HP Silent Dual Heatpipe VGA Heatsink

We are proud to present the very best video card heatsink; the ZM80D-HP. Simply put, this is the world’s most efficient heatpipe video card heatsinks. What’s more, it can operates in absolute silence! Even the very latest video cards present no problem to this product’s amazing cooling abilities. The ZM80D-HP has dual heatpipes linking together two large anodised aluminium heatsinks. One heatsink is installed on the front of the card, and the other on the rear. Being mounted on rubber washers, the rear heatsink has no direct contact with the card, but by using a heatpipes, this clever approach means that the cooling surface area is effectively doubled with no clearance disadvantages.


The ZM80D-HP is compatible with AGP and PCI-E (PCI Express) video cards which have pushpin holes around the GPU. Unfortunately it is not compatible with nVidia’s PCX, 6800 nor the 7800 series graphics cards. If you are a owner of a 6800 or 7800 card please consider using the VF700.

We recommend the ZM80D-HP if you are intending to install it on the following graphics cards - nVidia FX5700 or below, nVidia 6600* (all models), ATi 9700 or below (all models), ATi X700 or below (all models). If you have a graphics card with a higher specification than the ones mentioned it is recommend that you opt for the VF700. If you intend to install the ZM80D-HP onto a higher performance graphics card than the above mentioned, it is highly recommended that you install the optional ZM-OP1.

* nVidia AGP 6600GT owners - Please note that the ZM80D-HP is not compatible with this graphics card. The reason for the incompatibility is because the GPU has been rotated 45° in order to incorporate the HSI chip. Please consider the VF700 and check the compatibility links. This does not affect the PCI-E version of the 6600GT because that card does not include a HSI chip.



    Zalman has hit big with this new VGA heatsink. It’s big and it delivers. (Product reviewed: ZM80D-HP)

  • Computer Shopper

    The ZM80D-HP is a great way to keep an older graphics card quiet, and with the ZM-OP1 fan is effective for hotter cards too.

  • PC Format, Sep 06

    It makes your card look impressively space-age with the heatpipes running off it, and if you can’t spend the money on water-cooling, this is the perfect antidote to whiny ATI fans.

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