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Lian Li XB-01B Black Aluminium Quiet Case for Xbox 360
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Quiet PC Lian Li XB-01B Black Aluminium Quiet Case for Xbox 360

The only case of its kind! Designed to make an Xbox 360 run cooler and quieter.

The Xbox 360® is without doubt one of the best next generation gaming consoles available. High definition gaming, music and movies are just a few features available on the Xbox 360®. The only problem is that the console is renowned as being noisy! This is where the Lian Li XB-01B comes in. The Lian Li case is a replacement chassis for the innards of the Xbox and once the components has been transferred from one to the other the noise reduction is immediately obvious!

A Cooler Xbox

Since its launch, the Xbox 360® has been plagued with overheating problems. If you have ever suffered the Red Ring of Death, you will know exactly what that means. Microsoft have made revisions to the console to help tackle this issue. One reason for the overheating problem is the fact the Xbox chassis is very small. There is very little room for air to circulate within the chassis. There is also a severe lack of ventilation holes to help introduce cooler air into the chassis, which causes the two 80mm fans to spin very fast to remove the warm air inside the console. This leads to another issue, noise!

The Lian Li XB-01B solves the aforementioned problems! The XB-01B is around twice the size of the original Xbox chassis and therefore air can move around the console much more freely, preventing any hot-spots. The whole front of the XB-01B is pierced with ventilation holes allowing cooler air to enter the chassis and finally the supplied 120mm fan exhausts the heat generated by the internal components with the help of an air duct!

Cooler air enters the XB-01B from the front while the hotter air is exhausted from the rear thanks to the supplied 120mm fan
Cooler air enters the XB-01B from the front while the hotter air is exhausted from the rear thanks to the supplied 120mm fan

A Quieter Xbox

Making the Xbox run cooler is just one of the benefits of the XB-01B, but from Quiet PC's point of view the best feature of the XB-01B is that it reduces the operational noise of the Xbox significantly. As already mentioned the Xbox uses two 80mm fans to exhaust the warm air and when at full speed the fans output around an incredible 48dB! After transplanting the internals of the Xbox into the XB-01B and switching it on for the first time you will amazed at the reduction of noise levels.

The optical drive is also very noisy so to combat this Lian Li have placed acoustic foam in strategic places to help reduce noise and vibration. Although this helps, unfortunately it does not make the Xbox quiet while reading a DVD or CD. The best advice we can offer is that if you play the same game regularly then you can copy the game directly to your hard drive, thanks to the New Xbox Experience. Finally, do not leave the DVD or CD in the drive if it is not being used, for example if you are using the Xbox as a media extender - these steps will prevent any unnecessary noise.

Image showing the 120mm cooling fan. Air duct not shown.
Image showing the 120mm cooling fan. Air duct not shown.
Acoustic material is attached to the roof and sides near the optical drive.
Acoustic material is attached to the roof and sides near the optical drive.

Other features

Memory ports
Memory ports
Front USB ports
Front USB ports
Holes for tubing when water cooling the Xbox
Holes for tubing when water cooling the Xbox
Hard drive installation bay
Hard drive installation bay


Installation instructions are supplied with the case and are also available online. These instructions give a guide on opening the Xbox and removing all the internal components as well as installing them into the Lian Li case. It is extremely important that before you plan modifying your Xbox using this case that you are aware that it will invalidate any warranty you may have. Neither Quiet PC or Lian Li can take responsibility for any damage caused when modifying the console.

If that has put you off making your Xbox quiet then all is not lost. Quiet PC have a service available where we will do the conversion for you! Take a look here for further details.


  1. Manufactured by Lian Li
  2. Reduces the noise of the Xbox 360
  3. Brushed black aluminium finish
  4. Supplied with installation instructions

ManufacturerLian Li
Dimensions160 x 250 x 415mm (W, D, H)
Front Bezel MaterialAluminium
Side PanelAluminium
Body MaterialAluminium
System Fan120mm (1500 RPM)
Warranty24 months

Customer Reviews



Having owned this a few days here are my comments....

2 issues for me:

1) As with previous reviews I'm experiencing random connection loss with the wireless controller. If the RF module has been redesigned to solve this it's not working for me!!!!

2) The supplied 120mm fan that comes with the case is too noisy! Strange when the main reason anyone would buy this is too make their 360 run more quietly. However having now replaced the fan with a Scythe Kaze Jyu 120mm fan it runs much quieter. Be prepared therefore to fork out an £8 for this.

Overall now I am happy with the case and the fact that my 360 now runs more quietly. I just need to solve the controller drop out issues.

Wireless connection issues


Case is OK - but after installation I had mayor wireless connection issues (controllers loosing connection as close as 2 meters in direct line of sight).

Basically RF module is located now inside metal box (faraday cage) - you can fix it yourself (opening a hole in the case and covering it with some plexi glass) - but it's a pain.

Quiet PC replied on 3rd December 2009

Lian Li have addressed this issue by redesigning the plate which holds the RF module. This redesign eliminates any connections issues.

Sharp edges!


Great replacement for to an original case, looks much better, is much quieter and what most important gives your Xbox better cooling! Be careful when moving a mainboard to the new case, sharp edges cut my hands severely, plus it is quite easy to damage the board itself.

Lovely case but some wireless connection issues


Very easy to install and the instructions are excellent. Either use on its side, look a normal PC tower case, or like a desktop. Only downside is the connection to the wireless devices (controller or headset) drops now and again if you sit too far away from it. With the normal 360 case you can walk out of the room with a wireless controller but this connection has been known to drop when fairly close. It does pick up again but can be a bit annoying at times. Re-seated everything but no difference but liveable if it's fairly close to where you are sitting.

Superb piece of kit


I finished transferring my second 360 elite into one of these cases and applied the modifications that Quiet PC have demonstrated to improve the case. I must say that the results are truly astounding - the xbox 360 is now quieter than my laptop and my synolgy diskstation.


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