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Pro Workstations and Speciality PCs

Sometimes you need a PC for a specific primary purpose such as photographic retouching, music and video editing etc. We offer machines which have been tailored to specific tasks and can be further customised as required. In addition, our “Speciality” PCs offer just that - something unusual, outstanding, exceptional or ... special! As with all our systems these are fully configurable - meaning you can choose exactly what you require.

“Unnervy silence”

“I wanted silence, and I got it. Its so quiet I now hear the external WD My Book drive spinning, which I did not hear before.

Boot up time to the Win 8.1 login screen is about 3 seconds, so SSD drive definitely the way to go. The another 4/5 seconds till the computer is ready to use.

The Cooltek UMX2 Case is a brilliant bit of design. I looked at all the No Fan series before settling on this case due to the other ones looking too industrial. I was worried about ‘cooling’ see as it did not have the ‘mesh’ the other cases had, but the case is running cool, just slightly warm to the touch where the processor is located.”

(Review via Trustpilot)