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Fitted no problem and yes, it is a very quiet fan considering it's size. (11th February 2019 via Trustpilot)
IcePipe A40 Silent Computer
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Quiet PC IcePipe A40 Silent Computer

- Replaces the Nofan IcePipe A40-Z68 Silent PC

We are now offering a fully-built 100% silent PC, using Nofan's revolutionary IcePipe processor cooling technology. This high-specification machine doesn't compromise on performance and comes with a two-year fully inclusive warranty.

At last - Affordable PC Silence!

We are proud to offer the IcePipe A40 Silent PC which is a fully-built silent computer system, ready to go. It uses Nofan's unique IcePipe processor cooler for no noise, no dust, no moving parts and no maintenance. The machine can be configured to your exact specification and offers, as you would expect, totally silent operation.

Top Performance and Reliability

The PC itself doesn't compromise on performance, and can be built pre-installed with up to 32 gigabytes of memory and one of Intel's 3rd Generation Core processors. Famous for their excellent performance/value balance, the Ivy Bridge processors have a quad-core architecture and under heavy loading, will automatically "Turbo Boost" their clock speed by up to 12%. Regarding memory, although Microsoft Windows 7 will run on 2GB, we recommend a minimum of 4GB to ensure that the machine has plenty to spare and will always offer excellent responsiveness even when running multiple applications simultaneously. We are now offering our systems with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed, and again we would recommend a minimum of 4GB for this operating system to perform at its best.

Clean Build™ Promise

The price of many pre-built PCs these days is often supported by cash kickbacks from software companies who pay hardware manufacturers to pre-install limited or trial versions of their software and then hope that the customer pays to upgrade to the full version. The downside to this approach is that the new PC comes pre-loaded with a lot of "junkware" which bloats the operating system and can cause severe performance degradation.

Here at Quiet PC we believe that customers have every right to expect the best possible performance from a brand new PC, so every system we build comes with our Clean Build™ promise. We install the operating system (if you order one), motherboard drivers, OS updates and (for Windows 7 only) Microsoft Security Essentials - that's it. You won't be pestered by pop-ups and nag screens and you can get on with using your new PC immediately without having to uninstall lots of junkware first. Your new machine will boot in super-quick time and will stay running quickly for many months and years to come.


  1. Fully built silent PC system, configurable to your exact requirements
  2. 100% fanless design gives zero noise and no dust build-up
  3. We build to your specification and deliver within 7 days
  4. Clean Build™ Promise and original OS+drivers supplied on DVDs
  5. Two year warranty with open-case policy
  6. Full-size ATX design allows plenty of expansion possibilities

Free hardware support and fully inclusive warranty

We offer free hardware technical support for as long as you own the machine. This support covers any hardware query or problem, including advice on maintenance and upgrades. We regret we can't offer software support or training so we would recommend contacting the software vendor in this instance. Support for Ubuntu can be obtained through online forums, or on a commercial basis from Canonical Ltd.

Our hardware warranty runs for two years and is "collect and return" meaning that you don't need to worry about getting the machine back to us - we will instruct our courier to collect it from you on a day of your choosing, then after we have checked and repaired it we will send it back to you by express courier at our expense. In addition, unlike many other PC suppliers, we have an "open-case" policy which means you are free to open the machine and perform your own minor modifications or upgrades without worrying that your warranty might be affected.

SpecificationsIcePipe A40 PC
Machine nameIcePipe A40 Silent PC
Compatible Operating SystemsWindows 7 / Windows 8 / Ubuntu Linux
Power supplyNofan 400W Fanless PSU
MotherboardGigabyte GA-Z77-D3H
GraphicsIntel HD (CPU dependent)
Graphics portsDVI, HDMI and VGA (max any 2 ports simultaneously)
Max resolution1920 x 1200
SATA 6Gb / 3Gb / mSATA ports2 / 4 / 1
SATA RAID SupportRAID 0, 1, 5 and 10
LAN10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet
USB 2.0 ports (front/rear)2 / 4
USB 3.0 ports (top/rear)2 / 4
AudioHD 2/4/5.1/7.1-channel with S/PDIF and 6 x audio jacks
Other rear ports1 x PS/2 keyboard/mouse port
Available 3½ / 2½ inch drive bays6 (1 external, 5 internal)
Available 5¼ inch drive bays3
Accessible PCI Express x16 / x4 / x1 slots1 / 1 / 2 *
Accessible PCI slots2 †
Memory slots4
PC dimensions (W x D x H)200 x 490 x 470 mm
Clean Build™ promiseOS+updates, drivers and MS Security Essentials only
Recovery methodWindows installation and drivers DVDs supplied
Warranty typeCollect and return, open-case policy
Warranty24 months
  • *When a PCIe x4 card is installed in the x4 slot, the two adjacent PCIe x1 slots are disabled
  • 1 when a double-width video card is installed

Customer Reviews

Excellent from start to finish


I'm sat with this computer now after using it for over a week and I'm still not used to it being completely silent. It really should be making some kind of noise shouldn't it!?!

While I've built PCs before I always used to worry that I didn't get enough thermal paste on the cpu cooler, or a component wouldn't quite sit right in the machine, or inserting an expensive component would require so much pressure I would break it. It is so nice to get to configure the machine you want and then have it built professionally.

It looks like it's been assembled with care and after booting into Windows 8 I'm so glad to see NOTHING annoying - no antivirus, no HP smart-helper rubbish. Just the clean system I wanted.

I was really concerned that a silent graphics card (the Asus HD7750) wouldn't be able to cut it in games. I have a PS3 so I won't be playing games on the PC much, but I wanted to know that if there was a game I wanted to play, it would run ok. Been playing a bit of Left for Dead 2 and it runs fantastically at 1280 x 1024. Just tried Arkham City with high settings and that ran really well too. I guess this card will struggle at insane resolutions but it can cope with what I want it to do.

I feel like I've got a computer that isn't going to break any time soon - the fact there are no moving parts is making me think this thing is going to last a long time. I'm dead chuffed with this machine and have no complaints whatsoever.

As for the service, I ordered the system on the Thursday before Easter weekend, received an email telling me it was all built and tested the following Tuesday and it was delivered the next day. The box it came in was HUGE to make room for all the packing they put around the case, which I think goes to show the care that was put into my order.

Would definitely use Quiet PC again and would recommend to friends.

High expectations and they are met


Ordered the IcePipe A40 from Quietpc with a 256 GB SATA and Ubuntu pre-installed. Was amazed to have it delivered only 6 days later, considering I live in the States. Fantastic service. Plugged it in and the system was exactly as I was hoping -- zero noise unless I decide to hold my ear to the side of the case. Ubuntu 12.10 works flawlessly on the system.

Only thing wrong with the system is the supplied power cord is VERY loose when plugged into the back of the system. The whole thing wobbles, and the slightest movement across my desk cuts out power. Luckily, I have plenty of spare cords and used a different one that had a snugger fit. This should have been caught when tested.

Only other really minor quibble is that I had to rename the default user the system was supplied with (or I could have created a new admin account and deleted the old one). Would be nice to be asked for a username to configure the system with on install, so this step could be skipped. Novice Linux users might not be as used to doing this. Otherwise, I just had to set my time zone and keyboard to US from UK, change the default Ubuntu server to US from UK, and I was all set.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the out-of-box experience with the system. Boot time is a few seconds, the hard drive is extremely fast, and the system was downright affordable for what I got. Thanks guys, you have a happy customer.

Quiet PC replied on 21st February 2013

Thanks Daniel - that's great to hear your feedback and we will certainly improve our processes in line with your suggestions. Enjoy your new PC!

It's a thing of beauty.


I'd been searching far and wide on the web for a truly silent PC as my main desktop is always on and sits in a corner of my living room. I was a bit apprehensive since I'm in Canada and worried that ordering across the pond would mean a very long delivery. I wanted a supplier that was well reviewed and at least Linux-Friendly so only seemed to fit the bill. I needn't have worried about shipping as the large box arrived safe, sound, and quickly, if a bit crumpled. The packaging was perfectly adequate as the contents were immaculate.

The case is very neat and functional, the insides are easily accessed with fingertip-operable screws. The size of that CPU cooler is impressive in person and inspires confidence that it'll keep it nicely cool. I've done a lot of PC assembly and can tell that this build is superb. All the cables are neat, the components were mounted with attention to detail and care. No doubt I'll get a lot of durability out of it.

Pressing the power button was a happy moment. Not a whirr, not a buzz or even a whisper. It's silent. Shockingly. The BIOS' menus are fully functional, gorgeous and informative. Installing Linux was painless (although I couldn't get PXE working because of the UEFI silliness and expected that) but USB-stick booting worked well. The install was surprisingly brisk. For a lark I compiled a kernel while I monitored the temperature sensors and it was a thing of beauty. 2-minutes range, barely broke a sweat.

Every component was recognised by Linux and worked first-time without any fiddling. I imagine the same experience would be had with Windows but that's not my bag.

I opted for the Zotac Fanless GTS450 video card and that didn't disappoint. Once I installed NVidia's proprietary driver (haven't tried Nouveau yet), both my 1920x1080 screens were instantly functional; the performance is wonderful.

What more can I say? I'm very satisfied with this system and look forward to many years of usage, in sublime quiet.

Nicely done,

Danny C.


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