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F1C Silver Home Theatre Aluminium Chassis
(1 review)
F1C Black Home Theatre Aluminium Chassis
(1 review)

Streacom F1C Series Home Theatre Aluminium Chassis

- Replaced by the Streacom F1C EVO Mini Home Theatre Aluminium Chassis

Measuring only 197 x 197 x 75mm, Streacom's F1C is the perfect Home Theatre PC chassis if space is a premium or minimal looks are preferred.

Streacom's F1C is the smallest chassis we offer that will look great in any audio visual system or home theatre, thanks to being made entirely out of aluminium. The surface is sand-blasted and treated with anodic oxidation, this prevents any unsightly finger-prints from ruining the look of the case.

F1C Black - click to enlarge
F1C Black - click to enlarge
F1C Silver - click to enlarge
F1C Silver - click to enlarge


  1. Air cooled mini HTPC chassis
  2. 100% aluminium with brushed finish
  3. Ideal for media centre system
  4. Compatible with Mini ITX motherboards

The case can accommodate a slim slot-loading optical drive and two 2.5" hard drive/SSD. Although it belongs to the mini-series family, the powerful storage space makes it more convenient and useful. With its gorgeous looks and generous specifications, the F1C is a great Mini-ITX.

Recommended Components

Motherboard and CPU - The F1C is only compatible with Mini ITX motherboards. Due to the fact the chassis is air cooled there are no limitations regarding the TDP of the chosen CPU. The only issue to consider is the size of the CPU cooler, which may dictate the CPU to use. Due to the size of the chassis it is only possible to install a CPU cooler no taller than 40mm. The Gelid Silence iPlus for Intel and the Slim Silence AM2 for AMD are CPU coolers that will fit the chassis; both available from Quiet PC.

Streacom has recently made a list of compatible motherboards for all their chassis. Please follow this link for more information.

Power Supply - We recommend using a fanless picoPSU which can provide up to 160W of power. This is more than enough to power a CPU that has a TDP of 65W along with suitable peripherals. It is recommended not to overload the number of peripherals; two HDDs (or one SSD and one HDD), one optical drive, a TV tuner and obviously a motherboard should not be a problem for this miniature PSU.

Optical Drive - The F1C is compatible only with slot-load optical drives that have the eject button on the left hand side. Luckily, Streacom have sourced the perfect Blu-ray drive, the Sony BC-5600S.

Remote Control - If you are looking to take control of the PC with the use of a remote control, then look no further than Streacom's solution. It is supplied with a PCB that fits neatly behind a small circular window in the F1C. This means there are no unsightly boxes or wires running out from ports - there is just the remote!

SpecificationsF1C BlackF1C Silver
Material100% full Aluminium
MotherboardMini ITX
HDD drive bay2x 2.5"
ODD drive bayUltra-thin standard slot-in optical drive
Cooling40 x 40 x 10mm fan, not supplied
Dimension197 x 197 x 75mm (LxWxH)
Power SupplyNone - consider - 150W Pico PSU
Remote controlNone - consider IR Receiver and Remote
Net Weight2.3KG
Warranty24 months
EAN barcode8718469090006 8718469090013

Customer Reviews

F1C Silver
F1C Black

Gorgeous Case - Specs on this page wrong


This is a gorgeous case. It's very well built and looks and feels far more expensive than it is.

Unfortunately the descriptions on this page is pasted from another model the F7C - which is a totally different size. As a result this page say you can fit a 3.5" HDD - You can't. This case only takes 2.5" drives. Unfortunately I was left with a drive that didn't fit and had to be returned for the correct one.

Make sure when ordering this that you have a 2.5" drive. I have informed QuietPC of their mistake here but the description remains.

Quiet PC replied on 20th February 2012

Apologies for the mistake on our site. This information has now been corrected.

Streacom F1C case



The case looks great. It is really well designed and made. Delivered the next working day. You need to be patient building as it can be very tight and you need to build front to back. However, being methodical and using cable ties, its a work of art when finished. Looks less plasticky than the pictures. Its very sturdy. Recommended Sony slot loader fits really nicely.


I bought the 150W picoPSU kit from elsewhere. Only £80 inc. P&P. That's £15 cheaper than from here. QPC need to check their pricing or their suppliers. They lost a sale there.

Overall though I'm delighted with it. Tiny footprint, looks the part ... 9/10. Don't forget to pick up a 40m x 10m case fan. Its not included but I got the Scythe Mini Kaze fan from these guys and its almost silent.


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