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Spare Reserator XT/LQ1000 Pump
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Zalman Spare Reserator XT/LQ1000 Pump

This pump is compatible with the Zalman Reserator XT and the LQ1000. However, please note that we have frequently found that it is the Flow Indicator which often causes the pump to stop working so you may wish to call our technical support line before you place your order, just to confirm the problem.

Tip: You will need to remove the metal nipple from your old pump and attach it to the replacement. To ensure a water tight seal, we recommend that you wrap a little PTFE (or plumber’s) tape around the thread before screwing the nipple in place. PTFE tape can be purchased from any hardware/DIY store.


  1. Replacement pump for Reserator
  2. Fits Reserator XT and LQ1000 only

Customer Reviews

Xt lq1000 pump


This pump has worked flawlessly since reinstalling it transferring the nipple that you have to do is a doddle to do. If there’s one area that is very fiddly and that is the initial remount fitting of the pump you need two pairs of hands or a mate to help and I say this is because it depends on the size of your hands I have medium size so it’s a little tricky I enrolled the wife to help as she has smaller hands.

You will need to take the front & back off please remember what goes where but it’s straight forward all different size & shapes of plugs for the front and an allen key required. The back you will need a pozzi screwdriver 1 then unplug the pipes and fan power I suggest you clean the fan out whilst it is off too. You have to take both ends of the Reserator xt off so you can get to both sides of the pump brackets that hold it down to remove them.

But all in all it’s been worth while and keeps the xt going sound as they are a rare beast to find in uk 10 out 10 excellent.

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