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140mm Magnetic Fan Filter
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120mm Magnetic Fan Filter
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80mm Magnetic Fan Filter
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40mm x2 Magnetic Fan Filter
140mm Adhesive Frame for Non-steel Cases
120mm Adhesive Frame for Non-steel Cases
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80mm Adhesive Frame for Non-steel Cases
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40mm x2 Adhesive Frame for Non-steel Cases

Quiet PC 120mm High Quality Magnetic Computer Dust Filter


This high quality fan filter have been designed to prevent dust from entering into the PC system. Each filter fits in seconds thanks to the magnetic design.

One of the main causes of hardware unreliability is heat, and the biggest cause of gradual increase in running temperature is the accumulation of dust. As dust builds up around sensitive components inside the case, cooling is reduced, fan noise increases and the system could start to slow down. Dust can even be slightly conductive and this, combined with a hotter running temperature, may eventually cause hardware failure.

Of course, the best solution is to prevent dust entering your system in the first place, and so we are pleased to present these magnetic computer dust filters which will keep dust and dirt out of your IT equipment. Your PC will run cooler and will last longer, saving you money and making maintenance and any future upgrades of your computer much more pleasurable. This is definitely a case of "prevention is better than cure"!

Even if your PC doesn't have a fan installed in a certain position, but there is still a grille opening to allow airflow and possible later installation of a fan, it is still worth considering adding a filter to the open grille. The reason for this is because there will still be a likelihood that air (and therefore dust) will be entering the PC case at that point. This airflow will be caused by negative pressure inside the PC case which is brought about by other fans in the PC, such as the power supply fan and even the processor fan, which all serve to move and ultimately expel air from the case.


  1. High precision polyester mesh prevents dust build-up inside your PC case
  2. Keeps your PC clean and improves reliability
  3. All filters can be cleaned easily
  4. Attaches to your PC case using magnets, no fans necessary
  5. If the case is non-steel, adhesive frames supplied *
  6. If the case is non-steel, adhesive frames are available separately †
  • *120mm, 140mm, 80mm only
  • 40mm only

High Precision Polyester Mesh

Dust is prevented from entering the PC by a high precision polyester mesh. This super fine medical-grade mesh is the same material which is used in hospitals use to keep dust out of operating theatres. The filament diameters of this mesh are smaller than the openings between them. This allows more air through the filter while still stopping the dust. These filters are the only computer dust filters we have come across that guarantee to keep out specific size and larger dust particles due to their mesh openings being very accurate.

Easily Cleaned

Because the filter mesh is black, it is easy to see when the filter needs cleaning. When there is an accumulation of dust and debris on the filter, remove it from the case by hand and brush the debris off by hand or with a soft brush. For a more thorough clean, simply put the filter on a flat area and using a toothbrush and soapy water, gently scrub it. The filter should soon be as good as new again. MAKE SURE TO DRY THE FILTER THOROUGHLY BEFORE REFITTING IT!

Attach Using Magnets or an Adhesive Frame

The filters are fitted over the fan intake or vent holes on your computer case using magnetic strips built into the filter. If the case is non-metallic, a lightweight and flexible adhesive frame (supplied) can be fitted to the case and then the filter can be fitted onto it. This will extend the lifespan of the computer and lead to less downtime and an overall more enjoyable computer experience. You can even attach the filter directly to a fan if required: just attach the adhesive frame to the fan and then the filter to the frame - simple!

Overall Dimensions128mm x 128mm 154mm x 154mm 130mm x 60mm 104mm x 104mm
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Customer Reviews

140mm Frame
120mm Frame
80mm Frame
40mm Frame

Magnetic Fan Filters


The quiet pc magnetic fan filters are a classic example of an idea that works so well and makes so much sense that it is difficult to believe that no one has come up with this before.

They completely negate the need for any complicated noise cancelling mounts for the fan filter its self, can be fitted in seconds and are easily removed for regular cleaning. They also look perfectly respectable and have a very fine mesh which prevents the vast majority of dust from entering the system.

If you have a contoured fan opening on your case (e.g. the side fan mount on an Antec 300) I would suggest getting an oversized fan cover. e.g. I have the 140mm fan filter on a 120mm fan, which allows for the fact that the fan grill is raised slightly.

I would suggest manufacturing a better range of sizes so that they can be fitted over the various spaces and gaps on the rear of a case more effectively.

All in all and excellent product. Well played.



I had wondered whether to use this add-on; I wondered whether it would cut air-flow through to the fan. I guess it may be doing that a bit (who could tell?), but it is surprising how much dust is present on the filter after just a couple of days. Since that would otherwise be coating the components in the interior of the case, better on a washable external filter. So, I'm now

Not Blown Away


Firstly I'd like to mention the Pro's:

They're nice and low profile, shiny piano black, not at all obtrusive (maybe 2 mm thick tops, hugs nice and closely to the case.

The magnetic strip around the outside is just strong enough to hold it to the case and not slip but not overly strong that I'm worried about it messing around with any of the components inside.


The price feels a little too marked up for what they are, at £10.20 inc. VAT (140mm filter) / £8.16 inc. VAT (120mm filter), its a small patch of Polyester mesh bordered with a thin piano black plastic backed magnetic strip.

If you own an Antec 300 case with its outwardly raised fan grills then the side 120mm grill needs a 140mm cover outside or a 120mm inside with no fan. The 120mm filter fits very poorly on the rear grill leaving large gaps and with the case design there's no room for the larger 140mm filter. You'd need to remove the internal fan to mount a 120mm inside or drill holes in the filter for the fan screws.

Smart product


This is a very smart product and saved me time and money. Without this filter I had lots of dust in the case... Quiet PC 120mm Magnetic Fan Filter is fully black! I thought I would receive a product like on the picture but I didn't - I am lucky :) I don't like the white filter and logo. The filter is only 2-3 mm wide and its design is nice and clear.

It is flexible too! I ordered 3 filters and didn't know if all 3 would fit ok, but thanks to the material's flexibility all 3 fit very nicely. The filters can be used inside or outside the case. P.S. sorry for my bad english :(

Didn't really work for me


Having lost my last PC to dust, I'm being extra cautious with this one and have got a case with a filter on the main air inlet. I have a side fan inlet on my Antec 300 cast and bought this.

The problem is that the magnetic area really needs to be bigger than the fan itself in order to stick on properly. I ended up drilling a four holes in mine and fastening it between the fan and the case. Not ideal.

Good Product


Bought two of these a while back.

Keeps the dust out: besides keeping my pc cooler, it means I don't have a coughing fit every time I upgrade something.

Fairly easy to clean: just take outside and blow the dust off it.

Doesn't look out of place on a black case.

Only (small) problem is it can shift away from the vents if you knock it.

Something missing


Good product, but would have liked to see four holes for mounting purposes.

Keep dust at bay


Quiet PC's magnetic fans are excellent at keeping the inside of a PC dust free and simply stay in place on the outside of the PC's case by means of their integral magnetic frames. Dust and fluff inside a computer can cause a whole range of problems, from overheating and increased noise due to jammed fans, to short circuits in motherboards and other printed circuits and, in extreme cases, CPU inefficiency and ultimate failure due to overheating. Highly recommended.

Cool (sorry!) idea


I ordered two, and found that I lacked the space around the front fan for one of the filters - however, it's magnetic enough to cling on despite that. The rear one was a breeze. I've not tried washing the filters yet, but they seem robust enough to withstand my worst efforts at cleaning!

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