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Definitely recommended - very helpful and quick to respond after there were problems with the delivery (problems due to the... (14th October 2018 via Trustpilot)
Core V2 SATA II 120GB Solid State Drive, OCZSSD2-2C120G
Core V2 SATA II 30GB Solid State Drive, OCZSSD2-2C30G

OCZ Core Series V2 SATA II Solid State Drives


Offering speeds of up to 170 MB/s read and 98 MB/s write with seek time of less than 0.2-0.3ms, these high-performance drives have no moving parts and are therefore totally silent in operation.

Featuring a brand new architecture, the Core V2 SSD is available in three capacities up to a massive 120GB and delivers enhanced speeds of up to 170 MB/s read and 98 MB/s write, with a seek time of under 0.2-0.3ms. The addition of a mini-USB port also makes it possible to update the Core V2's firmware should new versions become available, to further enhance compatibility or performance in the future.

The OCZ Core Series V2 delivers additional performance and reliability of the latest SSDs at a 50% less price per gigabyte than other high speed offerings currently on the market. The Core Series is ideal for an energy-efficient mobile or a RAID configured desktop to provide blazing speeds and advanced access and seek times. Because SSD drives feature no moving parts, the Core Series V2 will keep your laptop or desktop environment cool and silent and provide a durable alternative with superior shock resistance.

All OCZ SSDs supplied by Quiet PC come with a free 2½" to 3½" mounting bracket, so if you plan to install your SSD into a desktop PC case, the bracket will allow the drive to fit into a standard 3½" drive bay. Designed for ultimate reliability, Core V2 SSDs have an excellent 1.5 million hour mean time before failure (MTBF) specification, ensuring peace of mind over the long term. All Core Series SSD drives come backed with a two year warranty and OCZ's legendary service and support.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Solid State Drives DO NOT require defragmentation. Performing defragmentation may decrease the drive's lifespan.

Customers may see a discrepancy between reported capacity and actual capacity; the storage industry standard is to display capacity in decimal. However, the operating system usually calculates capacity in binary, causing traditional HDD and SSD to show a lower capacity in Windows. In the case of SSDs, some of the capacity is reserved for formatting and redundancy for wear levelling. These reserved areas on an SSD may occupy up to 5% of the drive's storage capacity. The Core V2 Series new naming convention openly reflects this and therefore the 30 is equivalent to 32GB, the 60 is equivalent to the 64GB and the 120 equivalent to 128GB.


  1. Totally silent with no moving parts and low power consumption
  2. Very fast read and write times and supports RAID
  3. Slim 2½" design with 2½">3½" mounting kit included
  4. Shock resistant to 1500G
  5. Firmware upgradable via on-board Mini-USB port
  6. 171 years life expectancy

Specifications120GB SSD30GB SSD
Read speedup to 170 MB/sec
Write speedup to 98 MB/sec
Seek time less than 0.2 ~ 0.3ms
DimensionsSlim 2½" design, 100.2 x 70 x 9.3mm
Operating Temperature-10C ~ +70C
Storage Temperature-55C ~ +140C
Life expectancy 1.5 million hours (171 years!!)
Mounting hardware included2½">3½" mounting bracket
Warranty24 months

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