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DTW 2300B DiskTwin for HDD Cooling and Noise Reduction
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Nexus DTW 2300B DiskTwin for HDD Cooling and Noise Reduction

The Nexus DiskTwin is an ideal solution to get rid of any hard disk drive vibration noise and resonance. Are you tired of all the hard disk seek and vibration noises, or is your hard disk creating resonance in your case? If so, then the Nexus DiskTwin will alleviate your suffering!

The DiskTwin is made of two pieces of solid aluminium to augment the cooling capacity of your hard disk, plus each piece is equipped with two high quality solid rubber absorber blocks. Just remove the hard disk from your computer and mount the DiskTwin on both sides of your 3.5" hard disk. Then re-mount the complete unit in a free 5.25" drive bay and your done! No more agony!


  1. Reduces hard disk vibration noise
  2. Increases HDD cooling
  3. Easy to install
  4. Requires a spare 5.25" drive bay

SpecificationsDTW 2300B
Model NumberDTW-2300A/B
Dimensions146.81x26.15x18.8 mm [LxWxH]
Compatibility3.5" HDD
MaterialsPure aluminium, Solid Rubber, Thermal Pads, Mounting Screws
Warranty24 months
EAN barcode8717371698324

Customer Reviews

Works as advertised


Nexus DiskTwin works surprisingly well. After installing it, I can barely hear the HDD when it's reading/writing.



I was surprised at how much difference these made. I have a sound-insulated case but poorly-mounted disks generated a lot of noise, Now I can't hear them.

My only gripe is that the screws provided weren't a perfect fit for my disk drives.



It does the job. Easy install. Fits in tight. This is my second purchase from quiet pc. Fast shipping, great products.



As I believe a previous reviewer has mentioned, these things jam in tight. This is a nice feature so that you don't have to worry about the holes lining up. I was concerned that my case - with a tool free clip design - might not have the typical screw hole positioning. As it turned out, I did have the appropriate hole configuration, but it isn't even necessary to clip the HDD in.

While these things definitely reduced HDD noise it turned out that I was getting more seek noise than I suspected - thus, these didn't completely quiet my HDD, which was totally understandable. So, bear that in mind if you get these for a faster drive (I have WD Black 7200 RPM in AHCI mode).

My temperature on the HDD stayed essentially identical to its previous installation. This is fairly interesting as it was previously directly behind a 200mm fan and it now receives no active airflow. I benched it to see if this was just the case in idle, but it appears to be roughly identical even under stress.

OK if noise is due to poor tower design


I tried this unit - in my case the HDD noise was due to poor case design and a lot louder than normal... this unit worked and reduced noises to what they should be normally in a tower... but, in an average (less amplifying) tower I don't think it would reduce noise much if at all - these sort of things are more for when you need more HDD space and want to use 5.25 bays....


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