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92mm PWM Series Real Silent Case Fan
(2 customer ratings / 2 reviews)

Nexus 92mm PWM Series Real Silent Case Fan

After leading the market for many years with their BASIC series silent fans Nexus thought it was time to release a PWM version of their fans. All Nexus' expertise and experience has been put in these PWM fan models. They have strived to set them up with the best possible characteristics. Great performance and extreme low dB(A) ratings are guaranteed.

The Nexus 92mm PWM Series case fan has an extra big fan speed range. This allows the fan to be ultra quiet at low speed and provide massive air flow at full speed in case thing get too hot.


  1. Award winning cooling fan
  2. Supplied with four silicone fan mounts
  3. Very quiet, 15.8 db(A) @ 700 RPM
  4. Massive RPM range
  5. Three year warranty

Specifications92mm PWM
Model numberDF1209SL-3PWM
VersionsClear chassis and foggy rotor/blades
Fan mounts4 pieces purple ultra-soft silicone fan mounts
Fan speed700 ~ 2500 RPM (±10%)
Noise levelFrom 15.8 dB(A) *
AirflowUp to 43.5 CFM
Static Pressure3.15mm H2O
Rating voltageDC 12V
Voltage rangeDC 7V ~ DC 13.8V
Starting voltage7V
Label current0.15A (Max.)
Working current0.17A ±15%
Power consumption2.04W ±15%
Operating temperature-10°C ~ 70°C
Warranty24 months
EAN barcode8717371699208
  • *Measured in an ISO certified chamber with 15 dB(A) background noise

Customer Reviews

Good fan, if you can get it set up right


This was the second thing I bought in my quest to silence my PC - the PSU in the case I repurposed turned out to be too weedy for my components, so that had already been swapped out for a bequiet model.

The next noisiest component in my case was the 92mm exhaust fan. My motherboard is a mid-range mATX 1155 board from Gigabyte, which besides the CPU fan header has just one "sys fan" header - but I only need one fan in there besides the CPU cooler, so to me it stood to reason a PWM fan as the headers on my board are 4-pin.

So I bought and installed this and, to be honest I was disappointed. Because it does have a fairly high top RPM it's pretty noisy at the high end, and because the fan control settings on my motherboard bios are fairly limited, there was no real way to set a custom curve that kept the noise down - I had to run SpeedFan on startup in Windows to get it to spin down, which isn't very elegant.

It's not really the fault of the fan or my board - just not the best combination, and something worth highlighting. Also if you have a fan controller, or your board supports voltage control of the fans (turns out mine does) it's worth avoiding PWM fans as they do seem to emit a kind of ticking noise when you spin them down - e.g. the Intel in-box CPU coolers, though they are fairly quiet overall, are pretty bad for this. This fan wasn't bad in that area but I think voltage control is definitely smoother.

I've since purchased a Noctua NH-U9B, which comes with two NF-B9 fans - I only needed one on the CPU cooler, so the spare fan has replaced this one as the exhaust, and I can barely hear it. No in-line voltage adapter, just straight into my board with voltage regulation enabled and 'silent' set as the fan profile.

So to conclude, I guess, this is a good fan but you need to either have a PWM controller, run something like SpeedFan, or have a motherboard with some very fine PWM controls. Not a bad fan, but you can avoid that hassle by picking something with a slower top RPM.

Not sure about this one...


Sure it's quiet. But it's only running at 900RPM.

I got this to install into my case to add extra airflow primarily to stop dust from being able to gather at the bottom of the case.

Unfortunately I didn't realise that my last free connector was only a 3 pin and therefore not a PWM fan. Thus this fan (and any other) run at max speed and are extremely loud. At full speed this fan sounds very loud but not half as loud as the other generic brand fans I have.

Anyway so instead I replaced my old 120mm generic brand 3 pin fan (that was plugged into a 4-pin exhaust port) that ran constantly at 800rpm with this one which runs at about 900rpm on PWM.

The result? It's absolutely silent.


there is no airflow... which is why I am back on this site looking for an alternative. I am going to change this one from being my exhaust fan to be my CPU fan. You may think, why? because the airflow is pretty bad. The reason for that is the airflow at max speed, and high speed is extremely good and my current generic CPU fan is running at 1600RPM all the time and it's quite audible. I bet this fan could do better. Also I got this one thinking it was the right size but actually I needed 2, 120mm fans and 1 90mm fan. So the only place left for this for it not to be a waste of money is on my CPU which I think will fit its job perfectly.

I am now looking for a quiet 120mm fan with a far higher airflow primarily at slower speeds. This is a good fan though, but it really should be on my CPU instead... I'd probably cool this an 'airflow' fan and not a 'cooling' fan. You need a higher rating of airflow for that.

EDIT: I grabbed this beast for my Exhaust fan:

It boasts an extremely high amount of airflow and a pretty decent noise ratio. (About 8.5dBA louder than this fan at the same speed). I'll use that for my Exhaust and put this Nexus Silent one on my CPU. After sorting all the 90mm fans that this website has to offer this Nexus scores in second place for the best airflow possible on a 90mm fan. Maybe I judged too fast. I'll update my review later.


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