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Bespoke Oil-Cooled Computer

Nubrit Axum Bespoke Oil-Cooled Computer

For the last word in PC design, we are proud to offer an oil-cooled computer with unique looks and operation.

And now for something completely different...

Nubrit Axum are a Czech company who specialise in extraordinary hand-made silent computers. Each computer is a unique original offering the luxury of lifetime value and totally silent operation through their unique oil-cooling system.

Computers are built to order in one of the four designs shown, and bespoke orders can also be accommodated. If you are thinking of purchasing a Nubrit Axum PC, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will ensure your complete satisfaction.

Package contents:

- PC with electronics built in, tested and prepared for operation
- Remote table unit with DVD burner
- Owner's manual
- Certificate of Authenticity
- Special oil pump with 12V power supply to fill the oil from canister to computer
- Tube for draining the oil from computer to canister (discharging pump is incorporated in computer)
- 20 litre canister of cooling oil
- Vial with OZONIX oil additive to improving energy transfer

Keyboard and mouse

For export, we do not supply the PC with keyboard or mouse. These items are highly individual and as our computer is intended for real work, our customers should choose exactly what is perfect for them. The stroke of keys and layout of a keyboard is essential. Same with the mouse - some people prefer trackball (as we do - much more gentle on your wrist). We also strongly recommend the use of a wired keyboard and mouse since there is no reason to add further electromagnetic pollution to your workplace.


The appearance and size of the screen is again individual and so we do not normally supply the computer with a display. To avoid acoustic noise generated by some models of monitors, we recommend LED-lit screens (LCD displays are illuminated by internal fluorescent tubes which can be quite noisy and some believe unhealthy). Also we recommend that the display should use an external "brick" power supply in preference to an internal one because sometimes internal PSUs generate an unpleasant buzzing sound). Samsung monitors often fulfil these recommendations, and we can offer special monitor treatment to match to the computer.

Export orders, price & shipping

The assembly and distribution of Nubrit Axum computers is performed by the manufacturer in the Czech Republic. They can be exported to any destination with conditions, and they come with a two year warranty. Shipping costs and prices are agreed individually.

Example specification:


  1. Extraordinarily unique hand-made luxury silent computer
  2. Each machine offers a lifetime of service and totally silent operation
  3. Patented oil-cooling system with no moving parts for zero maintenance
  4. Accommodates the fastest and most powerful electronics and is fully upgradable
  5. A choice of four striking designs, each with a limited edition of 12 units

SpecificationsNubrit Axum PC
Choice of four design optionsBlack Volcano, Marble Acier, Sargassum or Titanium & Wood
Computer dimensions (W x L x H)44 cm x 65 cm x 54 cm
Remote table unit dimensions20 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm
Length of cable between computer and remote table unit3 metres
Weight of computer (without oil and electronics)27.5 kg (inc. 12 kg of pure copper)
Weight of table unit (complete - including optical drive)3.1 kg
Cooling oil specificationESSO Marcol (to be ordered via local ESSO distributor) *
Oil volume needed20 litres
Oil additive to improve heat transferOZONIX (included in delivery)
Energy emissions shieldingSteel ferrite rings around upper computer cover
Warranty24 months
  • *Super quality odourless oil certified for cosmetics use

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