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NVIDIA Water-Cooled 8800GTX 768MB DDR3 PCI-E DirectX10

MSI NVIDIA Water-Cooled 8800GTX 768MB DDR3 PCI-E DirectX10

Introducing a Quiet PC Exclusive! MSI's latest high end graphics cards, the nVidia Water-Cooled 8800GTX. This graphics card is only available from Quiet PC.

The first thing you will notice about this card is that it uses liquid to keep it cool. The GPU waterblock is connected directly to a small pump which moves the warm water to a radiator. The radiator has a quiet running 120mm fan attached directly to it. The radiator is attached to the side of the chassis so the airflow generated by the fan passes through the radiator and then directed out of the chassis. This means that the graphics card is only compatible with chassis that accommodate 120mm fans.

The other main feature of the Water-Cooled 8800GTX is that it is supplied pre-overclocked. The standard speeds of the 8800GTX is 575MHz for the GPU and 1800MHz for the memory. MSI supply this card over-clocked to 610MHz for the GPU and 2000MHz for the memory. This increase in clock speed increases performance, making gaming even smoother.

Supplied with Company Of Heroes PC Game
Supplied with Company Of Heroes PC Game

MSI make it possible to overclock the card even more using their DOT Express software. MSI guarantee the warranty on the card when overclock is increased, but only when the user uses MSI's supplied software. Volt-modding would invalidate the warranty.


MSI Vivid is an easy tool which enhances image quality. It helps the users to get even better image quality when viewing digital photos, document and while playing games.

  • Vivid makes it easy to optimise graphic quality
  • Sharpen characters edges
  • Enhance contrast when playing games

MSI Dual CoreCell

If you are looking for a system which possesses ultimate multimedia performance and quiet operation, then the Water-Cooled 8800GTX comes with MSI's Dual CoreCell which has a perfect signal purification ability that is necessary for higher multimedia quality and system performance.

MSI DOT Express

  • 2% ~ 10% / 6-Scale Dynamic Overclocking Performance
  • Auto Overclocking
  • Best and easy optimisation of the GPU and memory speed for the maximum performance
  • Detecting-Wise frees you from Over-Heated and Over-Speed
  • Overclocking speeds are MSI Stability Guarantee
  • Optimised for all MSI nVidia Graphic Card Series


The MSI StarOSD is a very helpful utility for the avid PC gamers. Users can easily access the StarOSD to adjust the contrast, brightness, overclocking and temperature according to each user’s individual preference.

MSI Live Update Online

The MSI Live Update online is designed to automatically download and update BIOS and driver updates when there’s a new version available online. It also helps reduce the risk of getting the wrong file and minimises the trouble of searching for files from MSI's website.

MSI Live Update

Live Update 3 is a single utility software that automatically checks BIOS, driver and utility updates and installs them for you, which can save you time for searching and lower the risk while updating.


  2. Model Number: NX8800GTX HD-OC Liquid
  3. MSI Exclusive Water Cooling Solution
  4. MSI Quiet Fan with <26db operating noise
  5. 2x Dual Link DVI Output
  6. Fully HDCP Ready for Blue-Ray / HD-DVD Output
  7. Core Clock Speed : 610MHz (671Mhz*) / Memory: 2000MHz (2200Mhz*)
  8. MSI D.O.T bundled to increase speeds by up to a further 10%
  9. 768MB GDDR3 texture memory (384-bit)
  10. Supports HDTV function with HDTV Cable enclosed
  11. Certified for all Windows Vista® versions
  12. Supports MSI Vivid™ Video technology
  13. Includes S-Video Cable, DVI converter, HDTV cable and Power converter
  14. * With D.O.T on maximum


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