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MonsterLabo The First - Small, Smart and Silent Fanless Chassis

MonsterLabo met the challenge of designing a high-performance cooling solution, in a small form factor chassis, compatible with standard components. So was born ‘The First’, a compact chassis with integrated fanless cooling solution.

Please note this product is not available separately. We supply this product as a complete system only due to the complexity of the build.

Designed and built around its cooling solution, ‘The First’ features a specially designed heatsink which is shared between the CPU and the graphic card. This is what makes ‘The First’ a very unique product. Both the CPU and the GPU plates have six 4mm heatpipes each that dissipate the heat into the large aluminium heatsink. With the heatsink being installed at the very top of the chassis this heat then exits the chassis through natural convection.

With a capacity of just 19 litres, ‘The First’ is very small considering its cooling capabilities. It has a footprint of just 205 x 215 mm and stands 430 mm tall. As a small form factor chassis, ‘The First’ is the only chassis available that utilises fanless integrated cooling able to passively cooling high-end CPUs and graphics cards.

A closer look

Due to the orientation of the motherboard and graphics card, the ‘The First’ uses extension cables for the rear I/O ports. These cables connect to the installed components and extends the ports to the rear of the chassis making them easily accessible. The example build shown below shows these extension cables along with how they appear at the rear of the chassis.


Due to the unique nature of ‘The First’, building a system into the chassis can be challenging. Only specific components can be used as the heatsink is only capable of dissipating a specific amount of heat. We therefore only offer this chassis as a complete system. We have spent a considerable amount of time to determine the best range of components suitable. So if you are looking for a totally silent PC which provides excellent performance and is capable of passively cooling not only the CPU but also up to a RTX 2070 SUPER, then ‘The First’ is the first and only choice!


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