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Kaze Master 3.5inch Fan Controller, Black
Kaze Master 5.25inch Fan Controller, Silver
Kaze Master 5.25inch Fan Controller, Black
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Kaze Master 3.5inch Fan Controller, Silver

Scythe Kaze Master Fan Controllers

- Replaces the Scythe Kama Meter Interchangeable Colour 4-Channel Fan Controller- Replaced by the Scythe Kaze Master II Black Fan Controller, KM05-BK

The Kaze Master Fan Controllers are possibly the best looking fan controllers ever to grace our product range. When switched off, they look like a plain bezel apart from the dials. It is only when they are switched on that you see any type of display.

The display shows the RPM of each connected fan and the temperature of the four supplied probes. One thing we are often asked about the fan controllers we sell, is whether they can switch the fan(s) off when their dials are turned down to the minimum setting. The Kaze Masters can! So if you only want a fan to run under certain circumstances then these could be your ideal fan controllers.

As already mentioned, each fan controller is supplied with four temperature probes. These probes connect to the rear of the fan controller and are then placed inside the PC. The best locations to place these probes depends on which component(s) you wish to monitor. The most common choices are the CPU and the graphics card, so by slotting the probe between the heatsink fins you are then able to monitor how hot the heatsink runs.


  1. Manual fan speed controller with temperature sensors
  2. Controls up to four 3-pin or 4-pin (PWM) fans
  3. Fail safe alarm - alarm sounds if fan fails
  4. Able to completely stop the fan, if desired
  5. Looks "fan"-tastic!

SpecificationsKaze Master 3.5 BKKaze Master 3.5 SLKaze Master 5.25 BKKaze Master 5.25 SL
Dimension103 x 25 x 93 mm 148.5 x 42.5 x 63 mm (WxHxD)
Display Dimension60 x 15.5 mm 114 x 20 mm
Fan ChannelTwo Four
Temperature Module ChannelTwo Four
Weight125g 165g
DC Input5V or 12V (from PSU)
Fan Adjustment Range3.7V - 12V
Maximum Fan Amp1A per channel
Fan Speed Range0 - 7500 RPM (Display Range: 30rpm Incremental)
Temperature Range0 - 100°C / 32 - 199.9°F
Measurement FrequencyEvery two seconds
Warranty- 24 months
EAN barcode- 4571225041674 -

Customer Reviews

Kaze Master 3.5 BK
Kaze Master 5.25 SL
Kaze Master 5.25 BK
Kaze Master 3.5 SL

We haven't received any reviews of this product yet.

We haven't received any reviews of this product yet.



Nice looking piece of kit that does its job well. Rpm speed led is green and temp led is blue, both of which complement each other and look stunning. All leads (there are lots) are well marked and quite long (I got some extensions, but didn't need them). And delivery service was great. Ordered on 20th December and received on the 23rd by cheapest postal option.

very handy


Does what's required as far as fan control is concerned and shows the rpms which is nice, but i never used the temp gauges.

We haven't received any reviews of this product yet.


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