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Spare Flow Indicator for Reserator 2, XT and LQ1000
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Zalman Spare Flow Indicator for Reserator 2, XT and LQ1000

This flow indicator is compatible with the Reserator 2, XT and the LQ1000.

A faulty flow indicator can cause your Reserator to shut down and start alarming but before ordering, you might want to read our guide in the forums as that may help you determine the actual cause of the problem.

Tip: The guide will also show you how to fit the flow indicator in a Reserator XT. If you need help fitting it to a Reserator 2 or LQ1000 then please call our technical support line.


  1. Replacement Zalman flow indicator
  2. Fits Reserator XT, Reserator 2 and LQ1000

Customer Reviews



Flow indicator replaced -but seriously - take apart your waterblocks and see the real problem. New flow indicator works with no resistance compared to the old one. But inside waterblocks = a nightmare. Clogged up with carbonates.

My watercool expensive RESERATOR XT is back to normal again. Zalman cpu waterblock has a re-sealable gasket... ONLY do if out of warranty.

Flow meter indicator


These are sound and don’t just work on the above systems intended. You could attach to a Reserator 1, 1+, 1v2 upright model. Easy to fit just drain your xt/lq100 system tank before hand take the front off the xt unit and plugs have a bowl to hand when you take off the pipes. Do this before you unscrew from the chassis and all will be well and reverse fit but other than that I got my xt working a treat again in no time thanks to quiet pc and they even shipped for next working day that was a real bonus. Thanks guys and gals you deserve a pat on the back for speedy service. Thank you very much 10 out 10.

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