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Fenriswolf PC Case, No PSU
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Scythe Fenriswolf PC Case, No PSU

Scythe's stylish new fully-aluminium PC case comes pre-installed with two of their best-selling 120mm 800rpm Slip Stream fans and a Hard Disk Stabiliser X4, allowing up to four HDDs to be installed in three 5.25" bays and providing acoustic damping.

Scythe's Fenriswolf PC case is finally available! It is supplied with two Slip Stream 120 mm case fans (one front, one rear) which rotate at 800 rpm. Also supplied is a Hard Disk Stabiliser x4 which allows the user to mount and acoustically decouple up to four hard drives. The side panels have a strip of foam to prevent vibrations being transmitted into them. The top of the case features two USB, one eSATA, headphones and microphone ports which are neatly hidden behind a small cover.

Quiet system cooling

The Fenriswolf is supplied with two Scythe Slip Stream 120 mm fans which are well-known for their quiet operation without any reduction in airflow. These 800 RPM rotating fans ensure a perfect quantity of air enters and exits the system to ensure adequate cooling of the internal components.

Hard drive mounting

The integrated Hard Disk Stabiliser x4 allows the user to mount up to four disks whilst using just three 5¼" drive bays. In addition, the Hard Disk Stabiliser decouples the hard drives from the main chassis meaning that any vibrational noise is eliminated thanks to its rubber mounts. Because of the way that the Hard Disk Stabilisers attach to the chassis, it is possible to mount one of the 120mm Slip Stream fans directly in front of the hard drives. This ensures that the drives are cooled by the cooler air entering the system, rather than the warmer air which is inside the case.

Convenient front panel

The top panel has two USB, one eSATA, headphones and microphone ports. Users can connect the most important peripherals easily with this panel, without having to root around at the back of the system. The top panel has a cover which protects the ports from dust when not in use.

Cable and tube holes

On the back of the Fenriswolf there are two holes with a diameter of 25 mm for cables or tubing. These can be used to feed anything out of the back of the system. For example you may want to use an external watercooler, therefore the tubing can pass through these holes. Both holes have rubber protectors to prevent damage to any cable or tubing you pass through them.



  1. Scythe's debut PC case
  2. 100% aluminium
  3. Supplied with 2 x Scythe 120mm 800rpm Slip Stream fans
  4. Also includes a Scythe Hard Disk Stabiliser X4
  5. Provides easy access to five I/O ports (USB/Audio/E-SATA)

Chassis Material Aluminium
Chassis Colour Black
Dimensions (LxWxH) 527 x 203 x 455 mm
Weight 6 kg
Case Type Midi Tower
Compatible Motherboards ATX, Mini-ATX, Mini-ITX, uATX, Flex-ATX
Internal and external Bays 5x 5.25" Bay (max. 8), 1x external 3.5" Bay (detachable), 4x internal 3.5" Bay (HDD Stabiliser x4)
I/O Ports 2x USB 2.0, 1x Mic-In, 1x Headphones, 1x E-SATA
Power Supply Standard ATX (not supplied)
Warranty24 months

Customer Reviews

Impressive Case


Not the best looking case but excellent build quality, very functional and easy to work with once you have planned out what you are doing with the drive cage that converts four spaces from 5.25 to 3.5" with some anti vibration bits. Nice attention to detail. Appreciated having clearly labelled and documented cables. The built PC with optical, SSD and sata drives, i7 cpu with fan is near silent.

A really quiet case


This is a cracking case which I would highly recommend. It's a bit fiddly to assemble the hard drive stabilizer, and really important not to overtighten the screws attaching the drives to the frame (otherwise the buzz of the hard drives is amplified). Having sorted this, the case is effectively inaudible during the daytime at any distance; at night you can just hear a whisper of air from around three feet away and that's it. I've used it for a HTPC - it sits unobtrusively in a dark corner, and it is as quiet, cooler and has a smaller footprint than a dedicated HTPC case. Build quality is excellent and with my setup cooling is fine - I put in a passively cooled 45W Athlon CPU and a passively-cooled graphics card, and the CPU temp doesn't go above 30C under normal use.


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