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Premium Silver Thermal Adhesive
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Arctic Silver Premium Silver Thermal Adhesive

When it absolutely needs to stay on forever, Arctic Silver's Premium Silver Thermal Adhesive is the way to go. This permanent epoxy is made with 99.8% pure micronized silver and has a silver content of 62-65% by weight.

Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive was formulated to conduct heat, not electricity. Even though Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive is specifically engineered for high electrical resistance, it should be keep away from electrical traces, pins, and leads. The cured adhesive is slightly capacitive and could potentially cause problems if it bridged two close-proximity electrical paths.

PLEASE NOTE: Arctic Silver Premium Silver Thermal Adhesive is a permanent adhesive. Any components you attach together with the Premium Silver Thermal Adhesive will stay attached forever. Arctic Silver Premium Silver Thermal Adhesive IS NOT intended to be used to attach a CPU heatsink to a CPU.

Arctic Silver Premium Silver Thermal Adhesive should be kept cold and away from UV light (sunlight and fluorescent lighting). We recommend refrigerating the unused material and allowing it to come to room temperature prior to use.


  1. To be used when there is no other way of securing a heatsink
  2. Ideal for small heatsinks, like Northbridge coolers
  3. Permanent fixing
  4. Made with 99.8% pure micronized silver
  5. 62% to 65% silver content by weight
  6. Superior thermal conductivity - greater than 7.5 W/mK

SpecificationsThermal Adhesive
EAN barcode0832199003018

Customer Reviews

Excellent conductivity, very strong, good value.


If you want excellent thermal conductivity (greater than thermal grease or pads) and don't ever need to separate the items, then use this. Be warned, it is extremely strong, so be sure, as once it sets you likely won't be able to get the items apart, even with brute force.

You also get a decent amount for the money.

made in U.S.A


works as described. nothing to crib about. excellent for gluing small heatsinks when there is no way to secure it through screws, or the northbridge heatsink becomes too wobbly due to normal wear and tear and doesn't make enough contact. this will do the job just keep in mind this is NOT a THERMAL PASTE IT'S a THERMAL GLUE and will stick firmly and permanently to whatever you put it onto so don't secure your cpu or gpu heatsinks with this :p


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