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Customer service is excellent

Customer service is excellent (31st March 2018 via Trustpilot)
Cloth-coated Large Hayate Soft Mouse Pad
Cloth-coated Large Hayabusa XtraSoft Mouse Pad
(1 customer rating)
Cloth-coated Medium Hayabusa XtraSoft Mouse Pad
(1 customer rating)
Cloth-coated Medium Hayate Soft Mouse Pad
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Artisan Hayate and Hayabusa Cloth-coated Mouse Pads

Artisan are a Japanese company that have developed some of the best mouse mats ever to grace the gaming industry. Being Japanese they use only high quality materials to give the best possible results. It has been said that once you try one of their mouse mats you will not want to use anything else!

Hayate Soft
Hayate Soft
Hayabusa Xsoft
Hayabusa Xsoft

The Surface

The Hayate and the Hayabusa are cloth mats for those users who require a slightly rougher and slower surface compared to the glass-coated Shiden or Shiden-Kai mats. As you can see from the image below the Hayabusa's surface is woven differently than the Hayate. This gives it an even slower feel to the Hayate, but it is very slight. Both mats offer excellent control over mouse movement.

The Sponge

The middle layer of the mouse mats is probably more important that one would think. Most mouse mats on the market just tend to use the cheapest sponge available. The problem with this is that the sponge is very irregular and inconsistent. The reason this is a problem is that when weight is applied from above (by the mouse) the sponge compresses differently around the mat giving an uneven surface.

The Artisan mouse mats of course are different. Rather than opting for the cheaper sponge Artisan developed a their sponge to have a line of air bubbles towards to surface that are lined in a regular way so the you get the most even surface possible when using the mouse.

The Base

The base of the Artisan mouse mats also excels in comparison to other mouse mats on the market. Artisan have developed the base to be sticky so when the mat is placed it will not move even if used by the most heavy-handed user out there.

Made in Japan

Manufacturing costs in Japan are similar to the UK, especially when you compare the cost to other far eastern countries. But Artisan excel in quality and want to make sure every product that reaches their customers is in perfect condition. Therefore they made a decision to only manufacture their products in Japan. This gives them total control over quality and can ensure that only the very best materials are used during the manufacturing process.

SpecificationsHayabusa LargeHayabusa MediumHayate LargeHayate Medium
ColourBright Black Japan Violet (Black)
Dimensions420 x 330 x 4mm 315 x 245 x 4mm 420 x 330 x 4mm 315 x 245 x 4mm
HardnessExtra Soft Soft
Density50 denier
Warranty24 months
EAN barcode4562332171057 4562332171064 4562332170289 4562332170296

Customer Reviews

Hayate Large
Hayabusa Large
Hayabusa Medium
Hayate Medium

We haven't received any reviews of this product yet.

We haven't received any reviews of this product yet.

We haven't received any reviews of this product yet.

Excellent quality


It's great to have a mouse mat that is large enough! The quality is also great. Well with the investment. Comfy too.


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