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Zalman GS1000 Gaming Cases

New mid-range top-quality gaming case with many unique features.

Zalman's GS1000 is a mid-range gaming case with features you would expect to find on high-grade cases. The case is fantastically good looking which represents great value for money. It is compatible with extended ATX (E-ATX) motherboards and features hot-swappable hard drives! If you are looking for a new case for your next PC then the GS1000 could have everything you need, if not more!

Zalman GS1000 Features

GS1000 Airflow

Cooler air is drawn in from the bottom and front of the case. The first components to benefit from this cooler air is the hard drives which are installed at the front of the case. As the air heats up it is extracted through the top and rear. As shown in the image to the left.

GS1000 Cabling System

To help reduce clutter and improve airflow the GS1000 has an excellent cabling system. Virtually all cables can be fed under the motherboard tray putting them out of sight. Airflow is increased due to the fact that there are less cables directly in the path of the airflow.

GS1000 Hard Drive Installation

The GS1000 can accommodate up to six 3½" hard drives. Each hard drive is installed on a caddy which makes installing and removing the hard drive simple. These caddies also include rubber dampeners which help reduce hard drive vibrations.

GS1000 Hot-swappable Hard Drives

As already mentioned the GS1000 can accommodate six hard drives. The bottom three hard drives are hot-swappable. This means you can insert and remove the hard drive while the PC is actually running, just as you would with an external E-SATA hard drive. If you would like to make all six hard drive hot-swappable then you can purchase the necessary PCB here. * Please see the note below about the practicalities of hot-swapping.

GS1000 USB, Firewire and Audio Ports

The input port cover on the top of the case is designed with extra durability for a smooth swivel mechanism. Once the cover has been opened there are two USB2, one Firewire, Microphone and Headphone ports for your convenience.

GS1000 Water Cooling Holes

Water cooling is becoming more and more mainstream and with this in mind Zalman have provided two holes through the rear of the case for external water coolers, like the Reserator XT for example! Both holes have a rubber grommet that helps to protect the tubing from damage.

GS1000 Top Cooling

On the ceiling of the case you will find one 120mm fan supplied with the case. There is also space for another 120mm fan to be installed. Installing a second fan will help increase the airflow through the case by extracting more warmer air.

GS1000 Base Cooling

On the floor of the case you can install two 120mm fans. These fans increase the amount of cool air entering the system to help reduce the ambient temperature of the case and cool internal components.

GS1000 PSU Installation

The power supply unit (PSU) is installed on rollers which makes the installation process very simple. The PSU is installed at the bottom of the case to benefit from the cooler air. This helps reduce the running temperature of the PSU and as a result noise levels are also reduced.

* Please note: In its purest sense, "hot-swap" means that hard drives can be connected and removed without having to power down your PC. Please check to ensure that hot-swap is supported on your motherboard/RAID card and operating system before attempting this. If hot-swap is not supported by your hardware or operating system, Zalman's hot-swap PCB can still offer the convenience of being able to easily install and remove hard drives with the PC powered down, without having to open the PC case and plug/unplug SATA power and data cables. show that details the GS1000
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